A Month Later, Is Houston Still Seeing Red?

Since visiting Nebraska for the season opener against Maine, Anthony Houston has been on the minds of many Cornhusker fans. 6'4" receivers tend to be when the West Coast Offense is installed. The questions were fairly obvious: Did he still remember the trip? Is Nebraska still in it for him? Who are the opponents NU has to face for his services? We managed to find out the answers to all of those questions and more.

A three-star prospect out of San Diego, CA, Anthony Houston took in the very first game of the season for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and called it a perfect "10". That was over a month ago and as time wears on, sometimes a recruit tends to forget about his visit a little bit and the impact and glamour that once was loses its shimmer. This wasn't the case for Houston, however. "I remember it like it was yesterday," he said laughing.

Houston and Coach Bill Busch have been in contact quite a bit, he reports. "I've called Coach Busch and some other staff members. Everything's been going good. I've told them about how I felt on my trip. We all had a good time. Nebraska's still in the running," said Houston.

Last week, Anthony's Mission Bay team went up against Crawford, a team that Houston reports likes to grind it out on the ground, but in the end, Mission Bay came out on top. "I did pretty well. I had 3 receptions for 85 yards, but we didn't really throw the ball that much because we ran so well on them. Crawford, overall they're a strong team but they're pretty much a running team and we stopped what they did best," he said.

Houston's goals coming into the season were: "To get a lot more receptions than I had last year (17), to catch every ball that comes my way if not make an effort to plus to lead and help my team as much as I can," he said. Anthony feels like he's making solid progress in that area, but still has a ways to go before he can say his ideal situations were met. "I feel like I'm gradually meeting my goals but I haven't met them yet. By the end of the season I hope to be clicking on eight cylinders whereas right now I'm clicking on six. As a team we're clicking and I can perform well as a result of that positive environment," said Houston.

With the Nebraska official visit in the books, Houston decided to pick up and check out a local San Diego State game and he had some interesting comments about the Aztecs. "They're one of the offers I've gotten, so I wanted to go check them out. I liked it, the Aztecs are doing a lot better than they have been and they're progressing. They're passing the ball a lot and a lot of their receivers are leaving next year so that's good for me if I decide to go there. They've got a good defense and a good defensive scheme. The coaching staff are really good people," he said.

In terms of actual official visits, a trip to Oregon State on November 10th is still in the works but close to a sure thing, Houston reports. He would also like to get out to Washington State along with Miami (FL) but the trip to the Floridian school may be a bit too long for him. As far as the fifth slot goes, it's anybody's guess including Anthony's.

He did happen to mention a top four, however. "I really don't have a favorite school, but my top four schools are Nebraska, Oregon State, Washington State and Miami (FL)," he said.

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