"I can't wait to get there!"

You want big? Try 6-foot-6 and 271 pounds. That is right now too. The Nebraska coaching staff envisions him with another 15 pounds and his right hand down playing defensive line next year. Scary. He couldn't throw the bones this weekend, but now since he has joined the fraternity he can.

Rulon Davis is a Husker. The 6-foot-6 and 271 pound defensive end from Mt. SAC (Calif.) made it official tonight coming off of an official visit to Nebraska this weekend.

"Yeah, I just spoke with Coach Callahan and Coach Blake," Davis said. "I committed tonight."

There was a reason why Davis decided to come home and not decide to commit while he was on his trip. On official visits it is a bit overwhelming and it's a one-sided story. He needed time to talk and think.

"I just wanted to be home to make my decision and talk it over with some people. I had pretty much made up my mind when I was there. They got the whole glitz and glamour thing; the whole process. Everything is for them on the official visits. They have you there, they have your stomach full and you make the decision when your stomach is full."

At Mt. SAC, Davis played inside and outside on the defensive line. At Nebraska they have a plan. A plan that consists of some weight gain and playing opposite another player with similar size.

"They want me to gain like 15 more pounds and play at like 285. They want me on the outside. Not on the inside man, c'mon man. I am 271 right now and they want me at 285. I have no stomach or nothing. They said that Adam Carriker is 280. They want him on the right side and me on the left side. I am real good with my right hand down in a three point."

If someone were to look at the defense on paper at what they return next year for players, at their stats this year and some of the recruits they are bringing in then you have to believe that the Blackshirts could actually get better.

"Oh yeah, this defense is going to be great next year. I am real motivated. I can't wait to get there. I am looking forward to that."

While Davis was in Lincoln he didn't feel right throwing the bones. However, since the commit he has crossed that metaphorical bridge and on the other side was comfort in throwing the bones.

"Ah no I didn't throw the bones. You have to be a member of the team before you can do that. I didn't throw up the bones. I can do it now. I have been practicing for a little bit."

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