Oklahoma prep star enjoys visit to Nebraska

Husker fans got a welcome message after Saturday's game against Texas Tech. Three of them to be exact. A triumvirate of junior college players said emphatically that they wanted to be with the big red. They weren't the only ones at the game, though, a few from the prep ranks also making their way into Lincoln. And at least one of them was impressed with what he saw and Nebraska now stands as a school he's looking at very closely.

Mossis Madu hails from Norman, Oklahoma and plays for Norman high school, the same school that current NU quarterback Zac Taylor attended as well as Zac's younger brother Press, who is a senior there right now.

Press came to Lincoln for an unofficial visit, but he had company, running back Mossis Madu and receiver/defensive back Ryan Broyles tagging along.

Madu, a top flight athlete for the Norma Tigers, said of his trip to Nebraska and what inspired it, that the Huskers were starting to show interest, so he started showing some back. And you can understand their interest, especially after Madu's game that saw him run for approximately 250 yards on 16 carries, scoring a whopping six touchdowns.

That's not all he does and that's a reason he now has offers from Oklahoma and UCLA. Even Madu will admit to a degree that there's not much he can't do. "I think I can run the ball well, I can cut or run people over, plus I have good hands for catching balls out of the backfield," he said.

His all around game is a reason that Mossis is sitting on almost 20 touchdowns for the year and based on when the aforementioned offers came, many would agree. "I got my offers from Oklahoma and UCLA just in the last week," Madu said. "Then Nebraska told me that they wanted me to come in for a visit and so I came up with Press and Ryan."

Madu has seen plenty of college games in Norman. Over 80,000 crimson and cream clad maniacs all making for an atmosphere to remember. Now Mossis has a chance to compare them to the crowds and atmosphere inside Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. There was a lot the same, but one thing about the crowd stood out versus those he's attended at the University of Oklahoma.

"With Oklahoma you get cheering, but it's not all the time," Mossis said. "With Nebraska fans, they were loud all game long. There were a couple of times they weren't like that, but most of the time it was just a really loud place."

Part of the visit was indeed to experience the atmosphere, Madu citing Press Taylor's descriptions of the stadium and the people to the extent he knew he wouldn't to head to Nebraska to see what it was like for himself.

To the fans' credit, Madu said they were everything he thought they would be and more. "The fans were crazy the whole game, plus they were shaking our hand and it was pretty cool," he said. "The tunnelwalk, though, that thing was amazing. That was just a really cool way to start the game.

The game or at least, the ending of the game, wasn't what any Husker or Husker fans wanted to see. Mossis said that while it wasn't a win, he got to see all he wanted and more. "You get to experience everything when you go to a game, because you get to see how teams react to whatever," Mossis said. "The players were all real tight, defensive players hung with offensive players and you can tell they were all really close."

Having that "in" so to speak with Zac Taylor's younger brother, Madu found it comforting, especially if he had anymore questions to ask. To know someone on the team is special for him, because he knows he'll get the answers that are correct and not just what he wants to hear.

"You ask more questions when you are talking to a player instead of a coach," Madu said. "It's great that I can also talk to Press and he can tell me whatever I need to know."

Yeah, that's great and all, but the inevitable question comes up about an Oklahoma kid with an offer from Oklahoma, when it comes to looking around someplace else. While there is some definite influence on him, the Sooners aren't the lock that some might assume.

"My parents really want me to go to Oklahoma, because it's close to home and they can see me all the time," Madu said. "But, I am the one that has to play there for four years or whatever, so it's really where I think I need to be."

Where that is, is a place Madu says will come down to the simplest things. He's got no long check lists, no huge set of criteria or an obsession with the depth chart. It's far simpler for Mossis, but as you might agree, what is important to him is what is the most important after it's all said and done.

"I want to be feel comfortable there," he said. "I want to feel that it is a place that I just belong. It might be Oklahoma, but after the Nebraska visit or maybe any other visits, I guess we'll see what happens."

The comfort level at Nebraska was significant, according to Madu. Between the crowd, the pre-game festivities and just the game itself, Mossis saw how he could fit in. Also, while he's a great running back, his versatility is his calling card right now.

"I'm a little over six foot tall, plus I have a pretty good vertical," Mossis said. "If I am running the ball, I think I have good moves , but I can run you over if I need to."

Thus far on the year, Madu boasts over 700 yards from the run. You can add approximately another 200 or so from his time at the wide receiver spot as well.

It all adds up to a potential playmaker for the offense or even the defensive side of the ball.

Don't' ask Madu what he prefers, because he doesn't. He just wants to play.

"If I can get out there and help the team, I'll play any position," Mossis said. "I just want to be part of something special and have a part in that."

This wasn't an official visit, so there's a chance that Madu could return for another game. And what could be more appropriate than when Oklahoma goes to Lincoln to play Nebraska October 29th. That's a thought, but right now, that's just one of many when it comes to this recruiting game. "I haven't really thought too much about it, because I didn't have the offers until like a week or so ago," Mossis said. "I'll think more on it and if other schools offer like Nebraska, I will look at them and see what they have, how it fits me and if it's a place that I feel would be a good home for my college career."

Along with Madu is another player we will be profiling, someone Mossis affectionately calls "amazing", a junior to be, but already a super star caliber athlete, Madu stating that Ryan Broyles high jumped 6 foot, 8 inches as a sophomore. "I high jump about 6 foot, 6, so what he's done already is incredible," Mossis said.

"He's the real deal, though. He's got everything and I know he's going to be special."

If the offer comes from Nebraska, Madu says the Huskers obviously hit his list of schools he could be looking at to the end. Until then, though, he'll just enjoy his season, that's only seen one loss thus far and take everything else in stride.

"I think about the recruiting some, but I am more worried about our season," he said. "Nebraska was a great trip and it was a great place to be, so it's a place I will be thinking about in the future."

"I don't know anything definite about anyone right now, though, because it's still really early. I'll just try to take some visits and just see what happens."

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