Official visit is set for D.J. Jones

Early commits sometimes don't get all of the hype that a player might get who decides to go through the process of recruiting. That is fine to D.J. Jones though. He may be one of the most important commitments to this class so far given the need for tackles this year. Jones doesn't mind it though, he is getting a chance to live out a dream in Lincoln.

D.J. Jones could have said that the season had been a disappointment. The Eagles are 3-3 with a challenging stretch of games ahead of them, not that playing Omaha metro teams isn't always challenging.

"The season is going good," Jones said. "I am switching positions on defense. They have me playing some defensive end and some defensive tackle. The last game I played a lot of defensive end. On offense I haven't given up any sacks."

Jones has been active in getting down to Lincoln to see the Cornhuskers play on unofficial visits. However, he missed the Texas Tech game this past weekend, but has set his official visit date. An official visit date that has another standout tackle set to visit.

"I didn't go down last weekend. We had homecoming so I couldn't make it. I set my official visit thought for October 28 and the Oklahoma game. Butch Lewis is coming in that weekend."

If there is one thing that D.J. is on top of though it is Nebraska and offering in-state kids. He knew about Nebraska's recent offer of Corey Young. "Corey Young is a ball-player. He's a real good player. He is playing running back for them. He's fast and runs hard."

Another player that D.J. Jones is familiar with is a name that people will need to remember for a while. "His name is Vondrae Tostenson. He moved to California for basketball or something then he came back here."

Now, Vondrae is an interesting story. He just turned 15 years old and learned to play receiver after originally playing quarterback. "He is playing football really to try to stay in shape for basketball. That is his main sport."

Lots of players play multiple sports in high school, but Vondrae plays other sports to stay in shape. He is doing a pretty good job on the field. Against Bellevue West he had 210 receiving yards and two touchdowns on nine catches. "He just did so good in that Bellevue West game and this season overall."

Although he is only 15, Vondrae isn't put together like the typical freshmen are. He is going to get the looks on the hard-court as well as football if he keeps up his current play according to Jones.

"He's taller than 6-foot-4. He is like 6-foot-5 and 190 pounds. Coming off of a season like this he is going to get mad looks for football. I haven't seen him play basketball, but I have seen him in the gym and he can dunk easily."

While D.J. has yet to see Vondrae in action on the hardwood, Jones knew early that basketball wasn't his sport. "I played in eighth grade and fouled out of every game. I said to my dad 'I guess this isn't my sport'. I can dunk a ball, but every game in eighth grade I fouled out. I decided to stick to a physical sport like football."

Thank goodness that Jones chose football over basketball for Nebraska Cornhusker football fans and Omaha Central basketball opponents.

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