Compton C.C. loaded at safety

When many ask about the safety at Compton (Calif.) C.C. many would automatically think that you were talking about Ashley Palmer. He is a very good safety, but people need to take note that Compton's defense is led in tackles by a safety, but it isn't Ashley Palmer. He may be flying a bit under the radar for now, but he won't be for long.

Everyone knows Ashley Palmer. He is the converted quarterback that is playing safety this year for Compton C.C. Many wouldn't know Brandon Stiggers though. Stiggers cam to Compton C.C. out of high school, transferred, and returned this year.

"I went to Compton first," Stiggers said. "I came here in 2003. Then I went to Baylor and redshirted. Then I bounced back to Compton. I am originally from Houston, Alief Hastings High School."

Stiggers has some real good company in the secondary with him at the opposite safety in Plamer. However, Stiggers is doing a very good job for the Compton C.C. defense this year including leading the team in tackles so far.

"I am leading the team in tackles this year. Me and Ashley Palmer are starting safeties. Our season is going real good defense-wise. We have like the number one defense in the state or if it's not one it's really high. With Ashley back there I don't need to worry too much other than just doing my job."

Stiggers is a physical safety that likes to come up, support the run and make the hit. At 5-foot-11 and 195 pounds, he can cover the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds which gives him enough speed to actually play corner if he wanted.

"I would say making the read, filling the holes and making hte hit. I am as much of a threat to make an interception as I am to lay a hit supporting the run. I do whatever the team needs me to do. This defense is more of filling my read and alley, but I still get my interception and turnover chances."

Stiggers' recruitment hasn't taken off yet, but that seems like it is about to change. He received a short call the other day by a school that just landed one of his teammates. "I haven't spoke to a lot of schools. I talked to a coach from Nebraska for a short period the other day. I don't think that it was Coach Blake."

One of the things most attractive about Brandon is the ability to transfer at semester to a 4-year school. He originally was a full-qualifier out of high school in 2003. "I qualified out of high school, so I can transfer at semester and go anywhere."

When it comes to getting that chance to visit Nebraska, Stiggers would be very interested. He is getting in the extra work necessary for Nebraska to try and get them interested enough to set up an official visit with him.

"Yes sir. I would be very interested in getting out to Nebraska to take a visit. I would be very interest in Nebraska. Wow, Nebraska."

"I am in the process of putting together some film to get it to them. They want to see some more film on me before they talk to me about taking a visit."

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