Keith Williams Coming Down To Visit Decisions

For Missouri native Keith Williams, being big also equates into being big time, at least if you look at some of the offers he has garnered thus far. In speaking with Keith, we were able to determine his current Top 3 along with finding out when he will be scheduling his official visits and how his senior season has been playing out to date.

Keith Williams, a 6'6" 290-pound offensive lineman from Florissant, MO, has caught the eye of several colleges around the country. Nebraska wasn't the only one to offer Williams as he also holds scholarship proposals from Missouri, Michigan State, Iowa, Kansas State, Kansas, Indiana and Minnesota amongst others.

Williams' team took a 25-21 victory over Shamide in a battle that seemed one sided at first but got close when the newbies took the field. ‘We had them," said Williams, "Then we put the second string in and then had to put the first string back in as the score got closer." Currently, Williams is suffering from a high ankle sprain and was not able to play but plans to be on the field next week.

Keith had a number of goals coming into the season, ones that any offensive line coach in the country would advise him, most likely and thus far, he feels that he is making solid progress. "One of my goals was to play lower and to finish my blocks along with keeping my body well conditioned and always to work on my footwork. As far as playing lower, I think I did a better job this year. With my footwork, I do believe I've done a great job at that and I've kept myself well conditioned. I used to be 300 pounds, now I'm 290," he said.

So the big question for this immense young man is: When is he going to start scheduling official visits? "The coaches are going to call me next week or the week after to give me dates and I'm going to take them all and sit down and make my top five choices and then I'm going by that," he said. Williams did sneak in a current Top 3 however: Michigan State, Nebraska and Iowa.

In speaking about his connection with the Nebraska program, Williams said, "The coaches always talk to me. There are some cool guys down there. They relate to me well. I know Chris Brooks and I've talked to him many times. We're building a good relationship. We talk back and forth, he asks how my family's doing, just seeing how each other's team's doing and then he tells me a little about the system and how they run things," he said.

Keith was brought up to date on Nebraska's close call against Texas Tech and remarked, "Teams win and teams lose, but a real championship team comes back and redeems themselves."

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