JC OT getting more interest

It's a tough situation having the chance to go division one only if you were able to qualify. However, some do the best with what they are given and that should be said about this tackle from Tyler (Texas) J.C. After two and a half years he is ready to move on, has some options to choose from when it comes to division one schools and may be ready to get some more.

Shannon Boatman has a lot going for him when it comes to his marketability. He is a big-man, at 6-foot-7 and 310 pounds, and has good athleticism. He also has the ability to make the more from Tyler (Texas) J.C. at the end of the fall semester.

"I will be able to transfer in December," Boatman said. "But, I will have two years to play two."

Out of high school Shannon was a non-qualifier, but was recruited pretty heavily. "I am from Beaumont (Texas) Westbrook. I graduated in 2003 and went straight to Tyler (Texas) Junior College. I was recruited pretty hard out of high school. I didn't commit anywhere, I was a non-qualifier coming out."

The season has been a little rough for Boatman and his teammates, but things are looking up and just at the right time. Their team will need to win the next three games to make it to the playoffs most likely and are about to get their quarterback back from an injury.

"It's alright, we just got our starting quarterback back. We are 2-4 and right now have to win the next three games to get into the playoffs. There are some tough games coming up."

Boatman was getting some praise leading up to his sophomore season at Tyler J.C. While many might view the need to attend a junior college as a setback, Boatman admits that it has been an amazing experience in preparing him for a four-year school.

"I was a pre-season All-American. I have been a two year starter at Tyler J.C. When I got to Tyler I just wanted to better myself and get used to college life. This was a good way to get used to the college feel. That was one of the advantages."

While Boatman's size stands out it is his feet that he gives first credit to when it comes to playing offensive tackle. He has had a chance to play in a very balanced attack in college which gives him another advantage over other tackles out of junior college.

"I have really good feet. That is one of my strengths. It is mostly like an option-screen type offense. We do a good amount of passing too. I would say it's about 50-50."

Boatman is getting plenty of attention and is holding onto a handful of offers. "Right now I am hearing from Iowa State, UTEP, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Kansas. I have offers from Iowa State, UTEP, South Carolina, Kansas, Texas State, and Houston."

Despite hearing from some pretty good football schools and holding some offers; Boatman isn't sure where he will take any of his official visits and isn't favoring any school right now.

"I haven't taken any official visits yet. I really don't have any favorites. I am keeping it open."

Boatman has recently received some attention from the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He is interested in Nebraska and has been hearing some things about their play so far this year.

"I really like them because they are in the Big XII. I haven't had a chance to watch them this season. I think that they are pretty good though from what I have been hearing lately."

Boatman is looking for a school to let him have a chance first and foremost. Beyond that there are some improvements that he would like to make to his game. "I would fit in anywhere if they would give me a chance."

"I am looking at the environment and just looking at getting the chance to play. I am not coming in to sit behind a bunch of seniors. I really want the chance to come in and get a chance to play. I want to show what I got. I am also looking for a program to work with me and my strength."

Boatman isn't interested in staying in state and says that the opportunity to play college football is the top priority. "No sir, not at all. It doesn't matter where I go. I would go anywhere."

Boatman isn't eyeing any official visits until his season officially ends. "I will probably take my visits after the season ends. Most likely we should go to the playoffs if we win these three games so it would be in December."

When Boatman gets around to setting and taking his official visits there is one school that he is definitely eyeing as a possible official visit. "Oh yes sir, definitely. I would like to visit Nebraska."

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