Perry Dorrestein Names Top Four

Illinois Offensive Lineman prospect Perry Dorrestein has had quite a few local MAC schools contacting him for his services but now some of the big boys are starting to line up for a shot at the large young man from Plainfield, Illinois. We were able to find out about Dorrestein's last game along with his thoughts on Nebraska and even managed to find out his current top four schools.

At 6' 7" and 305 pounds, Perry Dorrestein easily sticks out in a crowd. Thus far, the crowd has been comprised of mostly schools from the MAC such as Central Michigan, Ohio and Northern Illinois, but some bigger college have come calling such as Nebraska and Iowa State. Perry reports that Michigan and Duke have thrown their hats into the ring as well and that his total offer number is currently at 12.

Dorrestein has been taking in some local color as he has attended a few recent football games that proved to be exciting displays. "I was actually at the Michigan-Penn State game and that was an exciting experience. I also went to the Northwestern-Wisconsin game," he said. Along with attending football games, he has taken unofficial visits, thus far, to Purdue and Notre Dame.

Last week, Perry's team posted a 56-6 win, but there were still some areas he felt the team could improve on. "We were doing okay but we made some small mistakes like a couple of extra point blocks, things like that. I graded out at 85% with 6 knockdowns," he said. Dorrestein mentioned that after looking back at how the season began, he's come a long way in his final high school season.

"If I look back to the first game of the season, I can say I've definitely improved. I kept grading myself out and I haven't let up a sack. My goals went to get to the playoffs and we need to win our last game to get there along with not giving up a sack on my side," he said. So far, it appears that Perry's goals are in tact.

Originally, the Nebraska Cornhuskers were looking to welcome Perry in for their game against rival Oklahoma, but it appears that due to a conflict, he will not be able to attend. However, he said in response to rescheduling the visit, "Definitely. It'll probably just be a basketball game instead of a football game."

He also would like to visit Michigan, Iowa State and Duke, who, along with Nebraska, round out his top four. Perry feels that his relationship with Nebraska is coming along quite nicely as he converses with Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove quite a bit. "We're talking on the phone a lot. Coach Cosgrove has been talking to my parents so we're really comfortable. We just really need to get over there for a visit. (Coach Cosgrove) is a good guy, he's really easy to talk to, he sounds like a real good coach over the phone and he came by the school a few times last May," said Dorrestein.

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