California JC OT has Nebraska offer

The recruiting process isn't new to this big offensive tackle. He has already been there and done that. He has also already been in a Division I program before. He went to junior college after the coaching staff was let go and is going through the process again. Nebraska has offered the big man, but can they get him to consider a school so far away from home?

Nick Posey is having a solid season. The 6-foot-7 and 290 pound offensive tackle from Monterey (Calif) Peninsula College is having a good season and so it his team.

"It's going pretty good," Posey said. "We're 4-1. I don't have any personal stats for the season or anything. I do know that I have only allowed one or two sacks."

One of the strengths of Posey is his speed and lateral quickness. He admits that it is better to play tackle when you can move better than the rest of the lineman.

"I am a lot faster of most lineman. I have about a five-flat 40-yard dash time. I am a lot better at lateral movement and stuff. I have pretty good feet."

So far, Posey has reeled in two offers. He just isn't real interested in the whole recruiting scene right now. He knows that there is a season still to play and he has been through the process and wants to stay grounded.

"I have an offer from Nebraska and from Kansas. I have been picking up letters from some others. I am not really taking them that seriously right now. I am trying to concentrate on the season. I have gone through the process before and I don't need to get my hopes up."

Out of high school, Posey qualified and signed a letter of intent. After a little over a year the staff that he was playing for was let go and he found his way out to Monterey Peninsula.

"I was at Pacific Groves High School originally. I went to Nevada-Reno for a year and a half. I actually played ball there. Then I moved back here because of the whole coaching staff change. I got the hardship."

"I used up my redshirt year there and got to come back and play junior college for two years and then I can transfer and play for two years. I can transfer in December."

When it comes to making this decision for the second time, what is Posey looking for?

"Location pretty much. Nebraska and Kansas are both pretty good schools, but if someone offered me in California I would probably take that first. I have a lot of family here and I have already done the out of state thing before. I would prefer to stay in California. I have a little brother and a little sister that I would like to support and not be an entire country away. I want to be more family-oriented."

"I will also look at the school and the classes. I will check out the business department because that is what major I want to have. I will look at some other stuff. But, mostly it's location, classes, facility, program and that kind of stuff."

Nebraska and Kansas are the only two schools that have offered so far and if those two schools are the only two schools that offer then Posey will then look at them as realistic options. He hasn't set up any official visits yet.

"Oh yeah, those are great programs. I haven't set up any official visits yet."

Here are some comments on both schools that have offered Posey:

Kansas - "It's a little far a way. I don't know that I would go there just because it is so far away."

Nebraska - "Nebraska is O.K. I don't really know. A bunch of my people, my friends have been to Nebraska and they told me it was great. That sounds kind of like my area. It's all word of mouth. But, watching what they have been doing what they have been doing in football it's impressive."

"Coach Wagner is recruiting me. He has talked to me about offensive tackles. He just told me he wanted me to get into the recruiting process and he knows that I went to Reno and that I have been through the process before. He told me that they needed some guys."

It's a little tough for junior college players to get time to see college football sometimes, but Posey said that he has seen Nebraska on TV a couple of times and maybe just more of their highlights. Admittedly, he liked what he saw.

"It's been a little bit of both. I caught part of a couple of games and saw them on ESPN on highlights and stuff. They did pretty well. I like their program. I like how their tackles move. They seem pretty balanced; it's not a lot more passing than running or the other way around. It's a mixture of both."

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