Oklahoma prep impressed with Husker fans

Ryan Broyles made a trip to see a game at Nebraska. Not a big headline, but as he's a junior, this wasn't an official visit, so it does make one curious. Turns out he was there with teammates, one related to a player at Nebraska and the other a senior who could be close to getting an offer from the big red. His visit wasn't anything serious as he was going just to go, but what does the Norman, Oklahoma standout think of the Huskers now?

As a diehard college football fan living in the Sooner state, junior Norman high school standout Ryan Broyles knows a little about what a real college atmosphere is supposed to be like.

He's seen it and in full force, having had a chance to go see a variety of games on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Up until recently, he might not have had much comparison as to what other places are like, but he's got one now. Along with teammates, Press Taylor, who is the younger brother of Nebraska starting quarterback Zac Taylor and Mossis Madu, a running back for their Norman Tiger team, Ryan got a chance to compare one big red to the other.

"It was crazy," Broyles said of the atmosphere inside of Memorial Stadium as the Huskers hosted the Texas Tech Red Raiders. "At Oklahoma, if the team isn't doing very good like right now, fans don't really get into the games."

"Here, maybe it's because they are 4-1, but they were in it for the whole game."

Truth to tell, Broyles didn't know a lot about Nebraska other than the tradition of the Huskers versus the Sooners. He hadn't even planned on going with Taylor and Madu to Lincoln. Ryan reconsidered, though, and now he's glad he did.

"It's just something new that I haven't experienced," he said. "I'm just a big fan of football, so it was cool to go check someplace out that I haven't seen. I know I'd like to go back there when they play Oklahoma."

If Ryan did wish to attend, he'd have to get in line, the number of recruits expected in for the game long ago hitting double-digits. Considering that Oklahoma isn't exactly Oklahoma right now and Nebraska has greatly improved from their disappointing season last year, even Broyles admits that he thinks it would be a great game. "Oklahoma is a little down this year and Nebraska's looking good," he said. "So, I am really looking forward to seeing that one."

The recruiting attention for Broyles has been good. Well, it's about what you expect for someone just halfway through their junior season. But if you looked at what Ryan has done thus far, you see a little glimpse of what schools like Oklahoma and Nebraska have already seen.

As a sophomore, the 5 foot, 11 inch, 165 prep star high jumped a whopping 6 foot, 8 inches. That's actually just an inch short of the school record, something he didn't know at the time. "If I would have known that the record was 6 foot, 9, I'd have set it for that, but I tried going a few inches higher," Ryan said. "I'll just have to get it the next track season."

For his Tiger team Broyles plays both wide receiver and defensive back. In the first five games Ryan has 13 receptions for 240 yards, scoring five times. On defense he's amassed four interceptions already. That's about right on pace as Broyles led the state of Oklahoma last year in interceptions with nine total.

That leaves Ryan a little dilemma as to just what position he wants to play, but it's only a dilemma, because he wants to play what he anticipates he won't be primarily recruited to play. "I want to be a wide receiver, but everyone is telling me that I'd be a better defensive back," he said. "I can play both ways, but I'd like to be a receiver."

"Really, though, I just want to get on the field."

That's probably not a problem, especially since Broyles has a year-plus to continue his feats on the football field and in track and field as well. As for the letters he's been getting since his name started rising as a "junior to watch", Ryan's got a pretty playful attitude about the offers he might gets, the pressure he's already received to stay in state and about where he ultimately might go.

"I want offers from everyone," he said. "It's not like some kind of thing about I want to say I have that many, but it'd be great to just have my choice of whatever school I want to go to."

"I know everyone wants me to stay here, because I have heard that stuff already, but I haven't really thought too much about all that right now. I would just like to see what's out there, check out all my options, but right now I just want to play."

"I look at all the other stuff later."

Ryan has been doing the camp thing already, though, having attended camps at Oklahoma, of course and Kansas as well. It's just a way that he can test himself against some of the best around, but prove that he's one of the best to. "I'm just trying to get my name out there," he said. "I'm going to go to more camps, but I don't know where yet."

"I am just trying to get better at what I do."

At the Oklahoma camp, Ryan was timed running a 4.51 and again, that's as an underclassman. He's looking to blow those numbers out as he gets bigger, strong and yes, faster. But, it isn't just colleges he's trying to impress, but opponent's he's trying to help beat.

"We've got a great team this year, but you can't let up and you have to be at your best if you want to get that state title," Ryan said. "That's pretty much what we're all thinking about right now."

The trip to Nebraska did set something in his mind, though. If anything, it got him thinking about another team that hadn't really crossed his mind. An exciting team, a rabid fan base and a state that seemingly revolved around the program. That's something he's already seen, but to see it someplace else is something he'll remember.

"I hadn't really thought about them at all, but it's a cool place and you have to love the fans they have there," Ryan said. "If they are interested in me, I'm sure I will give them a look. Heck, I'll give everyone a look."

"Like I said, I just want to play."

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