Huskers on top for Clayborn

Nebraska may not have nabbed a lot of recruits in the first five four home games, but that doesn't mean that the recruits didn't come away impressed. One of the official visitors from the Pitt game left Lincoln blown away with the experience. He has since taken another visit so how did the two compare?

Adrian Clayborn is having a very solid senior campaign. The 6-foot-2 and 245 pound standout from Webster Groves (Mo.) Webster Groves is having a good year on both sides of the ball.

"It's going pretty good," Clayborn said. "We're 6-0. I have like 50 tackles, three sacks and close to 300 yards receiving on offense. I am playing tight end."

Clayborn was a visitor at Nebraska on the 9/17 weekend. Since then he has taken another official visit. How did the two visits compare?

"I went to Texas Tech since going to Nebraska. It went pretty good down there. I had a nice time. I think that both visits were pretty even. It was a good time on both visits."

Most teams are recruiting Clayborn exclusively as a defensive end, but Nebraska is looking at him as a defensive end and a linebacker. Is there a preference to which position he would like to play?

"Texas Tech is recruiting me as a defensive end, but Nebraska wants me as a linebacker and a defensive end. I play both linebacker and defensive end now. I am just looking to get on the field, so whatever position gets me on the field and I can be good at it then that is what I am playing."

Beyond Texas Tech and Nebraska Clayborn has set up one other official visit. However, that date looks like it will change in favor of doing the visit later at the end of his season.

"I set up one to Michigan State, but I am going to get that moved until after the season because the playoffs are getting ready to start. I will probably make my decision in December around Christmas."

Nebraska hasn't stopped coming after Clayborn since the official. He had a visitor from Nebraska at his school last Friday. "Coach Wagner from Nebraska was here last Friday. He is the offensive line coach. I can't talk to him, but he was there."

No one recently has come in to offer Clayborn, but it is looking positive for him about one school and a potential offer. "No, but I think that Iowa is going to offer me. They want me to come up for a game. They said that they liked my tape."

Clayborn left Nebraska with them as his leader. Has that changed since the last official?

"To tell you the truth one day I am favoring one and the next day I am favoring the other. It goes back and forth. I do think that Nebraska is my leader right now though."

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