Official Visits Lining Up For Scott Krehbiel

Scott Krehbiel may have, at one time, been an unknown to most outside of many Midwestern recruiting circles and even to some of those in it. Still, the gargantuan offensive line prospect from Kansas is starting to set up some official visits and with some pretty big name schools to boot. Find out where he'd like to head and where Nebraska stands with this 6' 7" prospect.

When it comes to Scott Krehbiel, the recruit out of Pratt, KS can be a little modest when it comes to his abilities on the football field. In a 42-7 win over Nickelson High, Krehbiel commented that, "I felt I did pretty well, but I just did my job." Scott feels that overall, his team is very excited about the direction they're in, however. "Oh yeah, we felt really good about last week's game," he said.

Standing 6' 7" might seem ideal for an offensive tackle prospect, but when it comes to certain areas of the blocking game, things can get a little tricky once you get past a measurement of height. Still, Krehbiel has come out and improved his game in one of those areas. "I've gotten better since the beginning of the year at staying low on run blocking, definitely," Scott said.

In terms of favorite schools, Scott claims none, but he's starting to line up official visits and already has one cemented. He will be visiting Kansas State on December 3rd and is currently in talks with Tennessee, Arkansas and Colorado State about scheduling visits to their respective campuses.

Assuming that those trips are all locked in, that leaves one last spot, so the question is: Does Nebraska get a shot to impress the local boy? "I've had some good communication (with Nebraska) and it's going fairly well," he said. When asked if the Cornhuskers were in the running for an official, Scott confirmed that this was the case. His main recruiting contact is Recruiting Coordinator, Tight Ends and Specialists Coach Scott Downing. "We've talked a good number of times and he's very easy to talk to. That's a big thing for me," said Krehbiel.

As the official visits continue to cement for Scott, we'll be sure to keep in touch with him to bring you the latest on the local product just to the south of the Cornhusker State.

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