Wallace: "If it feels right, I'll do it"

Ever since Nebraska picked up David Harvey out of Pomfret, Maryland last year, there's been a name that's very familiar to Cornhusker fans: A.J. Wallace. Wallace's special brand of skill and athleticism has led to an insane amount of offers, attention and media coverage, but only five schools will get the chance to have him on official terms. Will Nebraska still get to be one of those five and, if so, could Wallace actually pull the trigger and become a Cornhusker?

"If it's a good feeling and it feels like the right place for me, I'd do it." That's what A.J. Wallace had to say regarding the possibility of committing during the classic battle between Nebraska and Oklahoma later this month. For Wallace, it's been a whirlwind year. Media attention, accolades, a spotlight so bright it'd blind most kids and maybe make a head or two swell, but not Wallace. He remains humble, down to Earth and gives proper respect to those around him.

A.J.'s offer total speaks for itself. 62 collegiate institutions want him in their defensive backfield, well over half of Division 1-A. If that doesn't impress you, perhaps A.J.'s performance in last week's two games will. "Against Huntington I had 286 yards rushing with three touchdowns and six tackles," he said. Wallace attributes his lack of interceptions to the fact that his opponent decided not to throw the ball very much.

Wallace's second opponent in a week wasn't of the same mindset and he came away with two picks along with 60 yards rushing, 95 yards receiving and three touchdowns, two coming by way of the former and one of the latter in a 48-6 win. Wallace's mindset this season has been, simply put: To improve and to win. "I set a goal that I wanted to go out and play every play. I feel like I'm doing that and I wanted to help take my team to the playoffs. We're second in our conference so we're looking really good to get in. We've got four games left, so things are looking pretty good," A.J. said.

He recently ventured up to Penn State to watch the surprising Nittany Lions take on the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Wallace said of the trip, "I thought it was a good experience. I enjoyed going up there. There are plenty of nice people." He tripped officially to Ohio State and Florida State already and in comparing the two, he said, "It's pretty balanced. The crowd was a little bit more hyper at Ohio State because it was for Texas and FSU's was pretty good against Syracuse. They both had good people and I got along with the players at both schools."

He currently claims no favorite saying that he will wait until his officials are over to determine that and plans to be announcing his commitment at the Scout.com U.S. Army All-American Game. Now that two official visits are in the books and a few unofficial ones as well, Nebraska fans may be concentrating on Missouri right now, but as soon as the gun sounds on that contest, all eyes will be on not just the Sooners, but those on the sidelines including Wallace.

A.J. said he'll be leaving home the day of the game and plans to arrive in Lincoln at about 9 A.M. A busy day lies ahead of Wallace that day, but right now, the relationship between he, the Cornhuskers and even a fellow teammate have been solidifying. "I've got a good relationship with the people I've spoken with. I talk to David Harvey quite a bit and Coach (Phil) Elmassian," said Wallace.

When asked about his impression of Nebraska's cornerbacks coach. "He's a cool guy, really easy to talk to, he's very energetic so every time I see him he's always hyper, so that's a plus," said Wallace. He insists that the Cornhuskers are still in the thick of the race and that he is considering them quite seriously.

We asked A.J. what made Nebraska so appealing to him to get an idea of the allure of the Big Red. "First off, the people I really like, their fans, they're great to the team and I like that the main focus of Nebraska is on the team. It's in a place where there's stuff to do but you can get your stuff done," Wallace said referring to the unique mixture of city and country life. "The other part is coaches are telling me that they're in need of a real shutdown corner and they want me to be that guy," he said.

It's going to be a whirlwind day for A.J. Wallace once he arrives in Lincoln as he will see a show on the field as well as off and by the end of the day, Lincoln might just feel like the right place for A.J. Wallace.

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