Getting Up To Speed With Nevada WR Cummings

Troy Cummings' name might not have the spotlight surrounding it that others do, but he does have talent, at least according to Nebraska he does, thus holding an offer from the Cornhuskers. Troy has found himself in some interesting situations this year that have helped him hone his abilities as a slash player for his Shadow Ridge High squad. He also spoke with us about official visits, and his communication with the Cornhuskers.

To many, Troy Cummings may not have the glitz or glamour quite yet that other prospect do, but he has the athleticism and especially speed to at least keep up with them. Cummings found himself in an interesting position this year as he was looking to mainly stick to catching passes. Now, he finds himself taking handoffs and even making a few leaps. "Right now, I'm a receiver, but I'm playing like a slash runningback too. Last week, I had 5 carries for 85 yards and a touchdown where I dove over the top which was the game winner," said Cummings. Shadow Ridge won 20-17 in overtime.

Over the course of the season, the two positions have given Cummings some very valuable tools regardless of where his coach wants him on any particular play. "I think my speed and my vision has improved a lot (when playing runningback) and when I was playing receiver, my route running was good and I could see where the holes were in the defense along with getting very familiar with them," said Troy.

His offer total remains at three and he recently took a game of a team he has interest in, UNLV. "I was at the Idaho-UNLV game. The experience was pretty good. It was way different from the high school level. It's louder and the crowd is more into it," he said. He has no official visits scheduled but plans to start making them concrete after the season. He reports that he and his father are starting to line up some possibilities. "I'd like to get down to Florida State, Florida and Penn State, if possible," he said.

Troy finds himself willing to entertain all offers at this point stating, "Everything is open right now, I'm waiting to see what happens." He mentioned that Nebraska hasn't contacted him via the telephone as of late, but he still receives communication from the Big Red. "I get handwritten mail from them every week telling me how they played in their game," said Cummings.

Should anything further develop with Troy in terms of official visits or attention by the Cornhuskers, we'll be sure to bring it to you here at Big Red Report.

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