WR Carpenter Improves; Eyes Officials

When describing Ridgecrest, California native Hayo Carpenter's abilities, there's plenty that can be pointed out, but one word seems to pop out time and time again: speed. If the wide receiver prospect is known for nothing else, it's being able to torch defensive backs and do so rather efficiently. He spoke with us about his most recent exploits on the football field along with how the recruiting trail is treating him and where he sits with the Cornhuskers as of now.

Holding an offer in each hand, Hayo Carpenter has plenty of opportunity even though he may not have an impressive number of offers. Both Fresno State and Nebraska are looking to acquire his services and knowing how the Bulldogs utilize their wide receiving corps along with the new West Coast Offense implanted by Bill Callahan, these offers are by no means paltry.

Hayo hasn't taken any unofficial visits as of late but will be traveling to UNLV this weekend to see the Running Rebels take on Utah. "I've got a passing interest in them and want to see what the program's about," said Carpenter. His Burroughs High team suffered a heart-wrenching defeat on the last play of last week's game, but Hayo managed to put up impressive numbers, still.

"We lost the game 30-27. I think I did well. I made a couple big plays. I had two touchdowns, one where I caught a pass up the middle for about 30 yards. The second one was a low pass and I picked it up before it hit the ground," he said. Hayo reports he ended the day with 127 yards receiving. When asked about the overall play of the team, he said, "We played well but turnovers killed us at the end. We were driving, but we turned it over and on the last play of the game, they scored."

The loss aside, Hayo finds himself improving as a wide receiver bit by bit and has a rather large goal he wishes to accomplish come the end of the season. "I improve every game and my goal is to be one of the top receivers in the state. I'm on my way to becoming that," Hayo said. He remarked that his most improved abilities were his hands and his vision. Carpenter feels that catching the ball has become much more natural to him than in his prior year and that's quite the statement considering he caught 76 balls for 1,456 yards one year ago.

He has no new official visits planned but mentioned he would like to visit Sacramento State, Boise State and Nebraska at some point in the future. His top three at this time include the Cornhuskers along with his other offering school, Fresno State and Sacramento State. In observing the relationship between him and Nebraska, Hayo feels that things are progressing well and hopes that this trend continues. "It's a pretty good bond. We talk every two weeks, I keep them updated on the season," he said.

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