Reese set for official to Arizona

One of the top recruits that was in for the Iowa State game for Nebraska was Terrell Reese. He left the visit with Nebraska as the firm leader. He is looking to visit Arizona this weekend and will get a basis for comparison to Nebraska. What is he hoping to see?

Terrell Reese is knocking some heads off, even his own. The 6-foot-4 and 190 pound Reese had to leave the game two weeks ago after delivering a hit that gave himself a concussion.

"Last Friday was the most times I got my hands on the ball," Reese said. "I had six catches for 130-some yards and a touchdown. The Friday before I gave myself a concussion from delivering a hit."

Since leaving Nebraska Reese hasn't taken any other official visits, but is set to visit Arizona this coming weekend. He has been there a couple of times before, but still isn't sure what he is looking for in the official this weekend.

"I am going to Arizona this Saturday. I am not sure. I have been there a couple of times to play basketball, but haven't ever been there for football. I am not sure what I am looking for."

Reese was very excited the last time Big Red Report caught up with him after his official visit to Lincoln. What were some of the things that made the visit to Nebraska great? Or was it a great visit?

"Yes, I had a great time at Nebraska. I saw exactly what I could come in and do at Nebraska. I can come in and make big plays. Also, the fans are crazy, the coaches are really cool and down to Earth and the academics are really high standards there. They want to graduate as many as their student-athletes as possible. They want to make sure that you get your degree."

Reese wasn't able to tune in this past weekend to see Nebraska play Baylor. He has a legitimate excuse though. "I was busy studying for the SAT and all that. That is coming up."

Does Reese have a timeframe in mind for making his decision? The early word was signing day, but has that changed? "It might be soon. Earlier I said signing day, but it might be earlier than that. I am thinking that it will be earlier than that."

With a possible decision nearing sooner than he expected and at anytime it would be good for a team to be in the lead right now. Would he say that Nebraska is his leader right now?

"Yeah, I would say that Nebraska is my leader."

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