Another at Blue Ridge emerging

Greg Davis is the headliner at Blue Ridge (Virg.) Academy this year. The top rated safety has just about every top program in the nation coming to take a look. When they get there though they might see a sleeping giant. Blue Ridge happens to have one of the top wide receiver/returners in the state as well.

Greg Davis may be a name that people come to see at Blue Ridge (Virg.), but when teams leave they will know the name of Tony Lewis. The 6-foot-3 and 180 pound receiver has been turning heads recently with his 4.4 speed.

"I have been working hard trying to make the most of my time with this team," Lewis said. "We have a really good team this year. I think that we can go all the way if we continue to play hard and work together."

Lewis does damage to opposing teams from all over on the field. He is the starting wide receiver, defensive back and kick off returner.

"I am playing wide receiver, some defensive back and returning duties. I am the fifth leading receiver in central Virginia so I am doing pretty good. I don't know how many catches I have, but I have over 300 yards and five touchdowns."

"They don't come to Greg and my side that much on defense. We really just play a lot of help side defense. A lot of teams won't come to our side. I have a couple of solo tackles and I think that I am still doing good."

"I have three returns for touchdowns this year. One is from 95 yards and two are from 85 yards. Those are all kick returns. I have always done kickoff return. I just haven't got a lot kicked to me before."

When it comes to choosing one side of the ball over the other it is a pretty easy choice to Lewis. He has had a pretty good teacher to give him some direction and has an advantage over other high school wide receivers.

"I prefer offense. I am just really good at running routes. I can sell a route real well. A lot of corners can't keep up with me because I run the routes so well. Our wide receiver coach coached at Penn State and that is one of his big things he tells us about selling the routes."

Despite having good size and good speed plus being one of the top leading receivers in the state of Virginia; Tony Lewis is still looking for his first offer. One could be on its way though at any time.

"I have been getting a lot of attention and talking to a lot of coaches, but haven't received my first offer. I would say the main thing is because I play two sports. I also play basketball. For football Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, William & Mary, James Madison, Stanford, and West Virginia are all talking to me."

In basketball Lewis has put up some big numbers and is getting some recruiting attention there as well. He admits that the quantity, and possibly the quality of programs, is greater for him in football.

"I play point guard in basketball. I average 15 points and eight assists. I haven't received an offer yet in basketball, but I am getting some attention. Some school are James Madison, UNC-Greensboro, West Virginia, South Carolina and a couple of others."

While playing offense in football carries the advantage for Lewis it isn't so clear cut for him to make that decision between sports. It may come down to what type of opportunities he has.

"I have no idea. I am stuck in the middle right now. I get that question a lot. It would depend on what size of school I go to if I would consider playing both sports. If I go to a top division one school then I probably won't play both sports, but if I go to a smaller school I would think about playing both."

Whether Lewis is playing football or basketball in college; he is looking at getting his education first. Distance won't matter to him at all. "I am looking for a good education. That is first. The location really doesn't matter to me at all."

Although Lewis hasn't set any official visits yet for football he is eyeing three prospective schools as possible schools he would like to visit. "For football I would like to take an official to Virginia Tech, Virginia and Maryland."

His teammate, Greg Davis, just returned from an official to Nebraska and said that he would be open to Nebraska if they were to come in late on him. "I wouldn't close out any school. I want to hear what they all have to say and if it suits me best I would take it on. Greg told me that he really liked Nebraska and said that they had a really good system."

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