Official Visits almost all scheduled for Cox

Perrish Cox is already one of the most popular cornerbacks in the country. He's got the offers, he's getting the phone calls and he's got the mailbox, which is full almost every single day. That's nice and it means he's got a guaranteed future in college. So, he's happy. But it's not necessarily because he's popular. It's because for the second week in a row, his team is back to winning some games.

Starting 0-6 stinks.


Yeah, there's a headline for you.


You don't need to tell Perrish Cox that, because he knows all too well. His University High School team came out to that kind of resounding start and before you know it, the season looked like it was over before it was actually over.


Call that the Anti-Yogi-ism


In Texas, though, many of the schools play a number of games that are outside of their district, similar to games outside of your division or conference. You can lose a few of them and still have a shot at the post-season.


Six games in that seemed like a pipe-dream, but now with two wins in a row under their belt, Cox says his team does have a silver lining in the horizon. "We need to win this last game and we can make it into the playoffs," Perrish said. "We got our first win a couple of weeks ago, but the big one was just this last weekend, when we beat Midway."


Midway high school was 5-2 on the season before their game with the "Trojans" and they were undefeated in district play. The eye-popping 41-7 win over the "Panthers" not only kept University's post-season hopes alive, but gave them a lot of hope for the immediate future. "I can't honestly tell you why we played as well as we did against Midway even though I knew we could play like that before the season even started," Perrish said. "I guess that win last week boosted everyone's confidence and everyone came out and got it done."


Going into his final year Cox had a lot of aspirations as to just what he thought his team could do. He had his individual goals as well, but he knew that based on last year's standout performance, where he tallied 9 interceptions playing DB, along with 27 tackles, including a sack, plus the 47 receptions, 670 yards and 12 touchdowns he had playing wideout, he knew he was a marked man this year.


"I was getting a lot of that at points during last year, so I figured it was going to be double and triple-teams this year," Cox said of seeing not only cornerbacks, but linebackers and safeties covering him in games.


"It was funny about Midway, though, because when everyone is doing all this crazy stuff to try and limit what I was doing, Midway actually tried to cover me one-on-one."


"That was just stupid."


Cox wasn't about to squander the advantage, catching two touchdown passes, one a 45 yard reception, where Cox leapt over the defender at the goal line and as he was fading back, coming to the ground for the score.


It was an attention-grabbing catch for an attention grabbing playmaker that was happy to work off a season's worth of frustration, where he's seen multiple coverage when he's on offense and almost nobody around him when he's on defense. As you can see, it's hard to blame the competition.


If you man cover him, he goes ballistic, something he's been glad to do, having only 4 other touchdowns on the season from the fact that nobody else made Midway's mistake. If you try to go toward Cox when he's on defense, he's got six interceptions to say thanks for the gesture, one of those taken back for a touchdown. And if you try kicking to him, he's got two touchdowns off of kick returns this year.


Cox finds himself frustrated, but complimented at the same time. "You get the idea they don't want to have anything to do with you after awhile," Perrish said of how little offenses throw his way or how much coverage he sees when he's on offense ."You'd like them just to challenge you straight up, but I guess they've seen what can happen when they do that."


"It's ok, because I am used to it. It has just made me raise my game to take advantage of the opportunities I have."


On the recruiting front Cox has a lot more opportunities than what opponents are giving him on the field. He's got offers from all of his favorites (LSU, Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State), he's already been on a couple of official visits (Nebraska and Oklahoma) and he's scheduled to take the rest after his football season is done. (LSU in December, Oklahoma State in January).


 With the late date for the visit to see the Cowboys,  Cox will more than likely be taking his decision all the way to signing day. Up until then, he said that he's intentionally keeping things as vanilla as he can regarding teams that he likes. "I am trying to keep everything real open right now," Cox said. "I have seen a couple of places, both of them I liked a lot, but that's not all the schools I want to see."


"Once I see them all, I will have a good idea of what is going to work for me the best and where will be the place I really feel I fit in."


Perrish is being recruited to play either side as you might expect. He'll opt to play defense first, but is open to playing wide receiver as well. Of the schools he's visited, Oklahoma is recruiting Perrish as a DB, while Nebraska is recruiting him to play either DB or wide receiver.


Now, Cox just has bigger fish to fry, this one named Ellison. As in high school, Cox's team hoping to make it three in a row, so they can make what just three weeks ago probably seemed impossible; a berth in the first round of the post season.


Considering where they came from to where they are now, Cox is realistic, but he even admits that he thinks his team is finally starting to believe. "If you believe you can win, you can win," he said. "I knew we had the team to do it and now we are just going out there and playing like we plan on winning the game."


"We're going to do that this week and we'll see how it all turns out. I am really confident, though. I think we have a run coming."

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