Monday PC: Amato Names Stone The Starter

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today and announced that Marcus Stone will be starting at quarterback against Southern Miss.

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    Chuck Amato Audio (21:03)

    "Yes we are going to make a change at quarterback. We are going to hand the ball to Marcus Stone."

    "We talked with Jay first. Obviously, he's disappointed because he's such a competitor and he's such a great person. He's led this ship and he's still going to lead it. That's the way this young man is."

    "This is obviously my first time doing something like this, because you would have had a real good story if I had demoted Philip."

    "[Jay] is our second-string quarterback. He's not going to go from first to the scout squad. His wisdom, the knowledge he's picked up, and their friendship towards one another will just continue."

    "All their effort, preparation, and time will be focused on Southern Mississippi."

    "Marcus threw two touchdowns in the game... you can't take that from him. It's time to find out how good he is."

    "I told Marcus, 'you got the ball, but you do not need to be looking over your shoulder.' We've got to give him an opportunity... we've got to give him an opportunity."

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