Travis Goethel Updates Official Visit Plans

As Vista High School Linebacker Travis Goethel's season wears on, his team continues towards a possible playoff shot and Travis himself works hard to make himself the best athlete he can be for an eventual college of his choosing. We spoke with Travis about his latest on the field exploits along with his over-the-season improvements and where he sits on official visits as of right now.

Nothing was going right for Vista, CA.'s Travis Goethel in last week's game versus Carlsbad High. "We lost 14-7 and the D-line was just getting killed. I had three guys on me the whole game plus I was just getting over pneumonia," he said. The poor defensive line play and recovery from a severe illness aside, Goethel feels that the team chemistry is strong enough to bounce back and play well again next week.

Overall, Travis feels that he has improved not just as the type of linebacker who can be effective against the run, but one who feels comfortable dropping into coverage as well. "I've gotten smarter with the defense. My knowledge of where everyone's at and my intuition has improved. Making my reads and coverages has gotten better. I'd say my most improved ability would be my man-to-man coverage," commented Goethel.

Travis currently still holds onto six total offers from Colorado, Oregon State, Nebraska, Utah, UCLA and San Diego State. He has taken no recent unofficial trips and has no currently scheduled official visit, though mentioned he plans to visit Oregon State sometime in November or December along with visits to UCLA and Nebraska.

He currently has no favorite stating that, "I'd like to keep my options open right now." Travis mentioned that communication with Nebraska has been about as steady as it usually is. "I haven't heard from Coach Busch in a while, it's been a few weeks but nothing's changed in that area," he said.

When asked about if he would prefer to stay close to home, he said, "It wouldn't really matter to me, I just don't want to be too far away." Travis confirmed that Nebraska wouldn't be too far to attend.

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