D.J. Jones: Excited and Privileged

D.J. Jones is no stranger to the city of Lincoln. Having visited the campus of the University of Nebraska on his own dime several times, Jones will be participating in the experience officially along with a slew of other highly regarded prospected by Nebraska and Scout.com alike. We were able to speak with D.J. about what he was looking forward to most about this trip, the significance of this game and how his most recent game shook out.

Nebraska displayed several mental mistakes in their recent loss against Missouri and Omaha Central's D.J. Jones can certainly relate to their pain. "We played Creighton Prep last week and lost like 28-7. We had a few stupid penalties and that slowed us down. They busted a few good runs. There were a lot of mental mistakes," he said. When asked about his individual performance he said, "I had an alright game. I feel that I played hard against them and I feel I did well."

Over the course of the season, one of D.J.'s goals was to improve his pass blocking, especially since he's going to be required to do plenty of it in the West Coast Offense of Nebraska. The good news is: He's done just that. "My pass blocking has come along really well. I've really improved on being able to lock up a defender. I'm pretty dominant at the run blocking, too, but I prefer to pass block a little more," commented Jones.

With the loss to Prep behind him, D.J. now looks forward to what has become a special treat for Nebraska fans and recruits alike: Nebraska playing host to the Oklahoma Sooners. "I've been talking about it all week. (Nebraska) wants me down there on Friday. I'll be checking out everything and seeing how they talk to their players," said Jones.

When asked about what one facet of this trip he was looking forward to the most, Jones responded, "Just talking to the players and seeing their side of the Husker Nation. Seeing how they feel about everything that's going on and talking to my future coaches again." D.J. also has his eyes on a visitor that he'd like to sit down and get to know, maybe even swap some training tips with. "I want to talk to Butch Lewis. I want to see what he's thinking about Nebraska and how his recruitment's going along with seeing what he does for conditioning," said D.J.

While Jones has heard plenty about Nebraska and Oklahoma from past years from his father, this will be his first experience at such a game and the atmosphere surrounding the match up is almost overwhelming. "I feel privileged to be able to go to a game of that magnitude. This rivalry game against Oklahoma, I've been hearing about it all my life so being able to be there, that's something else I'm looking forward to. I'm really excited because of last year and the potential of Nebraska getting a little payback on them now that OU is in Nebraska's house," said Jones.

Once D.J. returns once more from the Cornhusker Capitol, we'll be sure to catch up with him and find out if the experience lived up to the hype.

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