Final preparations done for Oklahoma

The team hit the field for the last day of practice as they prepare to face the Oklahoma Sooners. With Nebraska still sporting an outside shot at the division title, every win is a must from here on out. The fact that there's immense history with this game doesn't hurt either, because it makes a meaingful game even more special.

The final regular practice took place today and head coach Bill Callahan said that it's been a productive week as they lead up to the Oklahoma game. Part of the process in getting ready has been a mental conditioning about the Oklahoma/Nebraska game and what it means.

Over the week, various highlights have been showon on the Husker Vision big screen, including the game of the century and, of course, Eric Crouch from Mike Stuntz as the Huskers take down the Sooners in Lincoln.

It's a big recruiting weeked for the Huskers, Callahan stating that 10 official visitors are expected to be present for the game, plus a variety of in-state unofficial visitors, along with unofficial visitors from outside the state borders.

There's a little bit of adjusting going on, due to the early start date, but Callahan said the fact that they don't have a full 48 hours with some of these recruits that will be arriving Saturday morning, won't limit what they are able to get in as far as everything the recruits normally get to experience during a two-day trip.

Nobody has been ruled out for this contest, Callahan saying of Isaiah Fluellen that he was one hundred percent ready to go. He along with Mark LeFlore were absent last week and will be a welcome addition to a depleted receiving corps.

One thing the Huskers will try to do against Oklahoma this week was something they had problems with last week and that was limiting the issues of the offensive, both in penalties and getting beat in one-on-one situations. Callahan said of Cornealius Fuamatu-Thomas, who had a particularly rough day against Missouri that the issues regarding exactly what happened and why, have been addressed and he expects both tackles and the entire line as a whole to do markedly better against the Sooners.

The game is set to kick off at 11:00 A.M. CST and will be aired on ABC, regional coverage.

For the full post practice audio with Bill Callahan, click HERE.

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