Unofficial over, Jensen ready to suit up

He's already taken a few trips, but each is just as special as the last. Well, this was Oklahoma/Nebraska, so this one could have been even more special than all those before. Jensen talked about his unofficial visit to Nebraska, the game and also, the recruits that were there, who he talked to and if anyone is leaving Lincoln as the newest member of the Big Red.

Seth Jensen has been to Nebraska a few times now. He's stood on the sidelines, watched the players warmed up and wished he could be a part of the current group of Huskers. Each trip, though, doesn't take the luster off, because what's the same about each trip is for him what makes it so special.

"Every time I go it's great," Jensen said. "The crowd is always crazy and it's just a really exciting experience."

The same could be said for this game he just attended, Nebraska hosting the Oklahoma Sooners. While the game had all the makings of a typical back and forth match up between the Scarlet and the Crimson, this one was perhaps a little less climactic.

Neither team ranked and both fighting for outside shots at best a conference title shot, but for Jensen, while he wished he could have rememebered this game for the mystique, he took away somewhat of a different opinion. "The refs weren't very good," Jensen said of the Big 12 crew officiating the game. "Throughout the whole game, there were just a lot of blown calls, some calls they didn't make and there were even a bunch of the recruits that were in for the game that were saying the same thing."

The officiating aside, Jensen took this opportunity take an unofficial visit, his official visit slated to take place at Nebraska's final home game, when they host Kansas State on the 12th of November. This was about the game itself, though, who was playing and, of course, some of the recruits that were in town.

Of the some 10-odd official visitors, Jensen said he got to meet most of them and even clicked with a few. "I got along well with Michael Smith, Perry Dorrestein and Jerry Brown," Jensen said of the Nevada, Illinois and Missouri natives, respectively. "I talked a lot with Michael and Perry and it seemed like they really liked their trip.

As a Husker commit, Jensen was doing what he could in seeing if he could find a few more to join him in the class of 2006. To that end, he thinks that both Perry and Michael enjoyed their trips a lot. "I am not aware that anyone committed, but both Michael and Perry seemed like they really enjoyed their visit and with Michael, I'd be surprised if he didin't."

"They both seemed to really enjoy themselves and they had some good things to say, so I'd say that those two guys are ones I would think might commit."

Jensen said he did get a chance to talk to A.J. Wallace and some of the other recruits, but couldn't get a feel for them as far as what they thought of the trip, Nebraska in general, etc.

As it is, though, Seth has seen enough Nebraska games that he'd rather play for the big red right now than have to play his last game of the year. "Michael and I were talking up in the stands and both of us just wanted to suit up and get out there and play," Seth said. "Every time I am here, that's what I want to do. I want to get out there and start smacking people."

"I can't wait for that."

Jensen has one game left, that taking place on Friday as his team will finish off a disappointing year, where his squad tallied just one victory in 9 games. His team will try to finish it off in style, though, and after that, Jensen will be thinking even more about the big red. "It's just exciting to think about the future," he said. "I can't wait to get there, because it's never any fun to watch your team play while you are sitting there. You want to play, too."

"I'm really looking forward to that."

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