"I don't think that anyone can beat it."

Nebraska is looking to nab a couple more wide receivers. The wide receivers that they are looking for are taller, more physical receivers that can stretch the field, present matchup problems and be able to go across the middle. Nebraska was hosting Terrell Turner this weekend who is capable of all of the above.

Terrell Turner maybe had Nebraska in his top three or four before the visit to Nebraska this weekend. THe standout from Garland (Texas) Lakeview Centennial called Big Red Report to talk about the visit and the game.

"I am looking at the field right now," Turner said. "It was a great game even though they lost."

Turner is a long way from the home confines of Homer B. Johnson field in Garland to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. One of the biggest things to him was that they could actually sell out the stadium in Lincoln consistantly.

"I didn't realize that when they say 'no seats available' that they really mean that there are no seats available. They sell out every time."

Another thing that Turner enjoyed was the chance to make the tunnel walk with the coaches before the players. He admits that he wanted to put on the pads and play.

"We got to walk out like the players do for the tunnel walk. It was real exciting. I wanted to go back and put on some shoulder pads and play."

A key element to recruiting success in Nebraska has been the recognition that the recruits get from the fans. Turner was blown away by people knowing his name and asking for his autograph.

"The fans were giving us high-fives and they knew my name. Me and another recruit got sought out by a kid who had some posters and a hat that he wanted to have signed. That was my first autograph."

Turner didn't give the visit a perfect "10", but the comments about the visit seem more along the lines that he could be a Husker in the near future.

"I really had a great time overall. I would give the visit a "9" overall. I am going to take some other visits before making my decision, but I don't think that any other place can touch this. I don't think that anyone can beat it."

"I will be taking my other officials to Georgia Tech, Iowa, Kansas, Arizona or Minnesota."

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