Brown could be facing tough decision

There was a time that it could have been anyone's guess where Jerry Brown might go, then it happened. It was a quick commit to Illinois and it seemed to be open and shut. Then, he decided to open it up again and take some official visits to make sure it was right. Now, Brown finds himself in a bit of a predicament and has some tough choices to make.

Jerry Brown from St. Louis (Mo.) Vashon took his first official visit this weekend following his commitment to Illinois. The four-star defensive end called Big Red Report to check in.

"We're still in Nebraska," Brown said. "It was a great game and I thought that they might pull it out in the end."

Brown got a chance to really meet people while he was there and was taken in by the players and the fellow recruits. A bond that was made in Lincoln could have the two on the same field somewhere down the road.

"Everything stood out. The players on the team are really cool. I also got the chance to meet some recruits like James Poe and Steven Harris. Everyone was cool."

"Poe and I were really thinking about committing today, but I don't want to jump to any conclusions. I have some decisions to make. If I make a decision about anything and coming to Nebraska it will be in the next two to three weeks."

Nebraska has really pulled into a good position to land the services of Jerry Brown despite his soft commitment to Illinois. Big Red Report will catch up with the monster defensive end in a couple of weeks to see what he is thinking then.

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