Nebraska Cements Another "10"

Well, it finally happened. A.J. Wallace made his way to the capitol of Nebraska to take in a classic rivalry that has had classic moments and plenty of magic. We were able to talk to A.J. about what he thought of the trip along with what his parents thought, his favorite parts of the trip and naturally, we asked about pulling the trigger as well.

A.J. Wallace is a wanted man in Nebraska and not in a bad way. Pretty much anyone who has even glanced at a recruiting section in a newspaper or belonged to Big Red Report has heard his name and wants him in Nebraska's defensive backfield in the future. He was able to make it into Lincoln with his parents to take in a classic rivalry in Nebraska vs. Oklahoma.

Wallace was impressed with Nebraska's resolve and even though they once again went into the lockers at half down by plenty, they never said die. "I liked how they played all around. They kept each other's head up, no one was yelling at anyone. They just tried to help the person, next to them told them they'd get it done the next play," he said.

When asked about his favorite part of the Cornhusker game day experience, Wallace said, "One part was when the fans started chanting my name. It was really crazy. Another part was how the team played even though they were down with the intensity that they played." Despite the loss by Nebraska, A.J.'s ideas about the Big Red weren't phased. "It was a good game all in all. (Nebraska) fought hard. It didn't change the perception I had," he said.

A.J.'s host for the trip was none other than his former teammate David Harvey and the two had plenty of stories to share making it one of the favorite parts of the trip. "Catching up with David (was one of my favorite parts of the trip) and with the coaches. Dave and I just caught up switching stories, talking about how things are going back home. The coaches were talking about if I were to go there, I'd have some chances to play offense and get the ball in my hands," he reported.

Wallace wasn't the only member of his party that enjoyed the trip. His parents were also impressed with what Nebraska had to offer. "They're really impressed with it," said A.J. "They liked the academics." Wallace is looking to major in Sports Management and liked what he heard from the academic advisors he spoke with.

When asked about how he felt about that possibility, Wallace admitted it was an interesting proposition. "I like it. It's definitely an option I would consider. Florida State and Ohio State mentioned it and I would like to play both sides," he said. Speaking of the Seminoles and the Buckeyes, Wallace reports that they, along with Nebraska are his current top three. Wallace also reports that he is pretty dead set on committing at the U.S. Army All-American game.

Wallace flew out to Lincoln with fellow Maryland native J.B. Walton and spent most of his time on the sidelines with the offensive lineman prospect. "I talked to J.B. and from what he told me, I think he liked the visit. He liked Coach (John) Blake and he felt good about the trip," said A.J. In terms of other official visits, there are some candidates, but Wallace isn't sure about taking any more at all. "I was looking at Miami, Oklahoma, LSU and Penn State, but I'm not sure if I'm going to take anymore because of my parents not being able to go with me on them," he said.

When it came down to it and using the old, reliable 1-10 scale, Wallace gave the Cornhusker visit two solid thumbs up. "It was a 10 – the fans, the people, the coaches, the players, I felt like they went out of their way to make me feel at home," he said.

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