Illinois Mountain Man Dorrestein Checks In

Another large prospect coming into Lincoln, both literally and figuratively was Illinois native Perry Dorrestein. The 6' 7" recruit was able to take in one of the most storied rivalries in college football's annals along with getting to know about the program in depth and behind the scenes. We were able to talk to Perry to get an idea of where he stands with Nebraska and what his plans are from here on out.

While it's hard to miss Perry Dorrestein in a crowd, he admits he wasn't expecting the attention he got while in Lincoln. "When we were walking into the stadium, there were people sitting there with signs that said my name and shouting my name out. They knew a lot about me," he said. Nebraska's fans looking for more offensive line depth let Perry know how badly they wanted him in Lincoln from their spots in the stands.

When asked about a favorite spot in the game, the conversation again was tilted back towards the red clad masses. "I don't know if I had a favorite part of the game. The comeback was good, but when those fans got into it, it was crazy," he said.

While he said the game itself was unfortunate for Nebraska, Perry expects to see the Big Red of old sooner rather than later. "It was a good game. Nebraska made some crucial mistakes but their program's on the upside and with a few good classes, I think they'll be able to get back towards that 1995 level," Perry commented.

Dorrestein actually got to meet two Nebraska commits, one current at the time and one to come. "I became friends with Mike Smith, who I heard committed. I got to know him pretty well and I got to talk to Seth Jensen, so I liked the guys I was around with," Perry said.

As far as where the visit sticks NU on his list, the large man from Plainfield says he's still got some thinking to do about that, but says Nebraska is sitting pretty. "Right now, I'm trying to get about five schools narrowed down. Nebraska's really high, Michigan's really high. Right now it's probably going to come after the next couple of officials. I'm looking to make one with Michigan and after that maybe Purdue and Northwestern, perhaps Iowa State or Illinois," he said. Ideally, Dorrestein would like to be committed to a school before Christmas.

Overall, the impression Perry got about the Cornhusker program was solid. "I'd probably give it a 10. The way I was treated was great and I like the people there. I like the players and coaches, the program's on the upside and they're only going to be getting better," he said.

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