"GestureGate": Callahan responds to fervor

It was the "slash" seen ‘round the world. Ok, that's a little overstated, but the gesture by head coach Bill Callahan during the game against Oklahoma, seems to have gained a life of its own. Probably more to do with the fact that the coach hadn't addressed it, but he addressed that today. It was benign enough, innocent enough and Callahan was surprised that it has become what it has, something he called "gesturegate". Enjoy this edition of sound bytes.

While on the national level this has gotten some play, it's mostly been an issue that has been talked about almost feverishly at the local level:

The infamous gesture

The alleged "throat slash" gesture by head coach Bill Callahan during the Oklahoma game after the head coach argued with the referee about a non-call on what seemed to be two different instances during the course of a play, where Oklahoma running back Keyuan Jones ran in for a touchdown.

Callahan had a heated exchange with Big 12 referee Steve Usechek and upon walking about, he made the gesture that from the video would appear to be a throat slashing gesture.

Asked about it yesterday in the Big 12 teleconference, Callahan didn't address it, saying it "is what it is", but he addressed it in detail today. It was a matter which he still thinks is a non-issue, because the interpretation was certainly not the intent.

Enjoy this sound byte of the exchange between Callahan and the media on that subject.

Callahan responds to "gesturegate"

For the rest of the press conference with Bill Callahan click THIS LINK

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