Huskers set to host big Texas OT

Coach Wagner and Nebraska have been looking high and low for tackles and this time they might have found a very good one in the heart of Texas. While Nebraska did come in late on him, they have made an impression and their reputation has done a lot to make up ground and earn them an official visit next weekend.

Four-star rated Russell Okung from Richmond (Texas) George Bush has quietly made a name for himself as one of the top offensive tackles in the state of Texas. Until recently, Okung wasn't considering Nebraska but some things have changed recently.

"Yes sir, I am taking an official to Nebraska," Okung said. "They came in kind of late on me."

"I know that they are pretty good in the Big XII North and they would give me a chance to win. I talked to them and they said that they have one of the best business programs around. I think that they have a good tradition there. They won three nation championships in the 90s. If you can win that many in a row that says something about the program."

Some of the in-state schools are recruiting Okung, but staying close to home isn't a big deal. He is sitting on double-digit offers already and just recently picked up an offer from LSU.

"Texas Tech, Texas A&M and TCU are all recruiting me, but staying in state isn't a big thing for me. I am just looking at the ones that offered me as to the schools that I will consider."

"I have ten offers. LSU just offered me and of course Nebraska offered, then Texas A&M, Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Central Florida, Iowa State and Kansas State."

Okung plays tackle in high school and most of the colleges see Okung playing tackle at the next level, but one might have to look at his current height, weight and speed and think otherwise. He is a very good athlete for a big-man.

Well most of them are. LSU said they might consider me playing tight end and Kansas State said the same. I am 6-foot-5 and I dropped down some weight during the season to about 245. I ran a 4.8 at LSU this summer and over here I run 4.9 all the time."

Despite Okung not ever playing tight end before it doesn't bother him that some schools are recruiting him to play that position. "No I haven't, but it would be something that I would love to play."

Okung has been playing line for a very long time, but it wasn't a position that he liked at first. He has had to add some things to the game of playing line to really come to enjoy it.

"I think that I am really aggressive. People think that when you play offense you can't be aggressive. On offense, you have to be some of the meanest dudes, but on defense that is where everyone sees the people being very emotional."

"On offense, you can dish it out on some people. The first time I played offensive line I really didn't think that it was all that fun, so I made it my duty to start trucking linebackers, cheap-shotting defensive lineman and all that."

While it seems that Nebraska has the first official set up with Okung it won't be the last. He is currently in the process of setting up some other official visits. "Not yet. I am setting up a few right now."

When it comes to picking out a school Okung is looking at the team and the academics. He is not focused on staying close to home when it comes to this decision.

"Really, a winning program and my major. Location doesn't mean much to me. I am also looking at tradition."

On the official to Nebraska, Okung will be traveling with his mom. With an adult there, is Okung thinking that if everything looks good that he could pull the trigger on a commitment?

"I am taking the trip there with my mom. I don't think that I will commit on the official even if it goes really good. I want to take some other officials first."

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