KSU Game Visit List Grows By One Name

While Nebraska's slate of official visitors for their final home game of the season was rather sparse not too long ago, it's looking to fill up shortly and there's one more name that has been added to the itinerary. Nevada native Quinton Carter will be on the sidelines and we were able to find out his thoughts on the visit, the possibility of a commitment, his current top three and what he's looking from Nebraska overall.

When you're a defensive back on any level, there's one universal sign that an opposing coach doesn't want to have anything to do with you. "We lost last week, 21-6 and our first playoff game is on Friday. I think I had a strong performance but their coach, he played it smart and isolated me out by running and passing away from me," said Carter.

With a loss to end out the regular season, we asked Carter about his and his team's attitude going into the playoffs. "I'm very confident and I think my team's confident. With the loss, we know the mistakes we made, we've got some really good freshmen who moved up who'll be competing and they're hungry to play," he said.

Throughout the course of a senior season, a high school athlete wants nothing more than to improve as much as he can so that he can make a jump to the collegiate level. For Carter, that's more than a want, it's a goal. "I'm improving. I improve every day. Our team goal is to win state and the next game is the first step to that. As far as recruiting, I'm being recruited so that's a goal that's being completed," said Carter.

Carter reports no new offers while still holding options from Oregon State, Nebraska, Fresno State, UNLV, Colorado State and Utah. He plans to attend UNLV's homecoming game this upcoming weekend against the BYU Cougars unofficially. When we last spoke to Quinton, he was scheduled for a trip to Fresno State and he reported in on his experience there. "It was exciting. I learned a lot about the program. The whole team routine, plus I got to see the academic side," he said.

Currently, Carter's top three schools consist of Fresno State, Nebraska and Oregon State in no particular order and that his eventual collegiate choice would come from that trio. Next up on the visit list is a trip to take a dive into the Sea of Red that is Memorial Stadium. When asked what the chances were of a commitment by Quinton to the Big Red during his visit, he said, "I don't think I'll commit on my visit because I'd like to wait out my options but my feelings are strong right now, so if they get even stronger, you never know."

Offensive Line Coach Dennis Wagner has been recruiting Carter and helped to set up the visit. Quinton's feelings about the program being what they are, it's fair to say that Nebraska has as good a chance as any in his top three choices. "I feel strongly that they would like me to come in and make a difference. I think if it wasn't football season I'd get a lot more attention because they're focusing on their team right now," he said. Should his recruitment come down to in-home visits, Quinton wants to gauge for himself how badly Nebraska wants him.

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