One-Handed Wright Still Makes Plays

It's been a good while since Nebraska fans heard the words of California native Shareece Wright in reference to their Cornhuskers, but his silence has been broken as we caught up with the cornerback prospect. Wright has had to fight hard through a hand injury, but even it could not keep him off of the field. We also got caught up to speed on Nebraska's relationship with Wright and found out his current top three teams.

When you're a defensive back, your hands are two of your deadliest weapons. When you're Shareece Wright, you can survive with one good one. Wright broke his left hand in a game earlier this year, but he did not let it slow him down and rehab has been encouraging.

"It's been going well. I only sat out two games. They made me cast it up, but I had to sit out two weeks and get another X-ray, then they cleared me to play. I was playing with the cast for a while but I just got my cast off last week. I'll have it off after this game," he said. Wright's Colton High team has two more regular season games and is currently ranked within the top three seeds for the playoffs.

During the period between when we last spoke to Wright and now, he did manage to sneak out for an unofficial visit. "I went to up Oregon. It was nice. I had a chance to go up there over the summer and it was good to come back before the game. We saw them during practice and got a feel for the weather. I went with a couple guys from Long Beach Poly and I think one of them committed (Jurray Casey)."

Wright feels that overall he is a far superior athlete than at this point during his junior campaign sighting multiple areas of improvement. "I improved on my vision as far as offense goes and I have a lot more speed, acceleration, power and burst," reported Wright.

In terms of official visits, they have been sparse for Shareece as he's had his own business to attend to with rehabbing and preparing for the state playoffs. "I went to Oregon not long ago and I haven't set one up since then. I think I'll be going to LSU as an official. Arizona State and Arizona are four hours away and I can drive out there and take an unofficial, that way I don't have to waste a trip," said Wright.

Currently, Wright quotes his top three as being Oregon, Nebraska and USC. He said that his relationship with Safeties Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Bill Busch of Nebraska has gone smoothly. "He calls me when he gets his chances. They have their season to worry about so it's kind of hard to improve the relationship much right now. A lot of stuff's going on for me too. It's coming down to the end of the season and recruiting's been kind of slow," he said.

Shareece mentioned he is getting tired of the process somewhat and has been alerting schools of his interest in a select few. His commitment, while not on a timeline, may not be far away. "It's getting closer. I'm expecting sooner than I thought. At the beginning, I thought it's going to be at the end of the college season, but I think I'll be better off with getting it over with sooner," he said.

If it comes down to any in home visits, Wright said, "I would love to see Nebraska and Oregon and USC if they're going to come." Shareece reported that he gets calls from USC every Monday. He is currently dead set on taking all of his official visits. Once that's done, it's simply a matter of sitting down, sorting out the pros and cons and making a decision.

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