Phone still ringing for Davis

All is fair in love and recruiting? It seems to be that way. One of the biggest pick-ups for Nebraska is still getting call after call and having told some coaches over and over again that he is committed. Some choose not to listen and continue to pursue. Others just get mad. Rulon Davis has made his decision.

The recruiting process can be tough. There are the calls, the visits, the need to stay up on your coursework and of course your season. Rulon Davis ended the recruiting process a few weeks ago, but still the colleges are in pursuit of the 6-foot-6 and 275 pound defensive end from Mt. S.A.C. (Calif.) Junior College.

"Yeah, all kinds of coaches from school all around the country are still trying to recruit me," Davis said. "I get about 10 or 15 calls a week."

Not only is Davis getting the calls, but he is talking to the coaches and telling them that he is committed and he has made a decision. You would be surprised at their persistence and some of their reactions.

"They are not taking no for an answer. They get mad at you when you tell them you are already committed. I made my decision. What are you going to do?"

Davis is very solid and is basically set to be in Nebraska for the holidays. He is graduating from college one day, packing the next and then unpacking and adjusting to life as a Cornhusker over the holiday season.

"I get out of school on December 12, packing up and then pretty much just moving over there."

"I'll be up there in Nebraska for Christmas probably. That's where I want to be. I just want to get there. I'll get up there and just want to stay there. I will be up there the 13th or 14th of December."

Davis just can't wait to get out to Nebraska and to see the team, hopefully, in bowl preparations. His goal is to catch the last few home practices.

"My goal is to get the last three or four practices with the team before they go into a bowl game. That would be awesome if I can do that."

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