Will Bowens Be In Attendance For Senior Day?

With Nebraska continuing to issue the call for depth at several positions, one that is being addressed once more appears to be wide receiver. After speaking with Saint Petersburg, Florida's Donald Bowens, we were able to find out a little more about the end of his senior season, what he took away from it and the possibility of him standing on the sidelines when Nebraska plays Kansas State.

Donald Bowens presents Nebraska with an enticing tall receiver with the several abilities that can be taken advantage of in Bill Callahan's West Coast Offense, but the key is getting him in for Nebraska's final home game of the season against Kansas State to experience the environment in which he would be playing. We discussed the possibility of that happening and so far, the returns are looking good.

"I'm planning on calling them today because Colin McCarthy and I just got back from an unofficial to Indiana. There's a 95% chance I'm going," said Bowens. Donald clarified that the reason he specified a percentage in going is he plans to be in attendance, but should something important and unexpected come up, obviously he may not be able to make the trip.

Donald said about his unofficial trip to Indiana, "It was fun. The team and the game, I talked to some of the coaches and the players are really down to earth," he said. Bowens currently holds four offers, those being from Iowa State, Mississippi, Nebraska and Rutgers. He currently claims a top three of Nebraska, Indiana and Iowa State.

To say that Bowens had a disappointing senior season may be an understatement, but it wasn't exactly by his own doing. "I set goals but it was hard to meet them because I really didn't get the ball that much. We ran the ball a lot and I got a couple plays here and there," Donald said. Still, Bowens managed to bring in approximately 25 catches for 400 yards and four touchdowns despite the majority of his time spent blocking. His team lost this past week 21-7 thus ending their season with a 3-7 record and pointing Bowens straight towards his future school.

Should he be in attendance this Saturday, Donald will find himself asking the question hundreds before him have: To commit or to not commit? "I think I want to wait it out but if I feel like it's definitely where I want to go then it's definitely possible," he said. He admits that he hasn't received as much communication as he'd like from Nebraska, but the attention he receives when contacted appears to make up for it.

"I haven't really received many more letters and haven't talked to them for a while but when I did, they gave me the attention necessary. They wanted me to come in earlier, but my schedule just conflicted too much," said Bowens. He mentioned that he has wanted to see a Nebraska home game and, again, barring a personal issue, claims he will be in Lincoln.

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