Did Nebraska Make Colin McCarthy's Cuts?

An area shown to be fairly thin this year at Nebraska has been in the linebacking corps and while talented true freshmen learn the system, two of the top men at their position have been taken out for the year. Clearwater, Florida's Colin McCarthy would make a fine addition to a bunch in need of an athletic playmaker and after Colin just returned from Indiana and narrowed his choices down to seven teams, we find out if Nebraska even makes his cut.

With the loss of Steve Octavien and Stewart Bradley, Nebraska's linebacker chores fall on Corey McKeon, Bo Ruud and Adam Ickes. While Corey has shown excellent ability and has been basically an unofficial captain of the defense, Bo and Adam show promise, but still had men in front of them for a few reasons. Colin McCarthy is an individual who could find himself bolstering the Nebraska linebacker depth chart in future years, but the first question to be answered is: Did Nebraska survive his cut?

"My top seven (in no particular order) are: Miami (FL), Ohio State, Nebraska, Indiana, Georgia Tech, South Florida and Penn State," said McCarthy. The good news only starts there for Nebraska. Not only have the Cornhuskers made Colin's cut, but he will be in attendance for Nebraska's final home game against Kansas State and he won't be alone as his good friend Donald Bowens also looks to be in attendance.

The two recently returned from an unofficial trip to Indiana and after looking at some of Colin's offers, some may wonder if it was just a random trip, but Colin assures us that's not the case. "The campus is very nice and it gave Donald and I a chance to see about going somewhere together and that's an option that we had. As far as playing time, they need players, so it's a good opportunity for me to go in there and play. The coaches are really cool guys," said McCarthy.

Colin played only one quarter in his team's 70-7 rout over Bishop McLaughlin Catholic, his team's eighth win in a row that sends them springing into the playoffs with loads of momentum. "I only played the first quarter but I had one catch for a TD from my tight end position for 35 yards and on defense, I had one quarterback hurry and five tackles with two for loss," Colin reported.

In talking about goals set for the regular season, there was really only one goal for Colin and it was the same as his team's: Go undefeated. "Naturally, it didn't go as planed but we went game by game, trying to win the game we had that week and with that said, we've gone 8-0 since so that idea with the team and with my myself it's been working," said Colin. When asked about his most improved ability this season, he said, "I'd say my lateral movement, getting sideline to sideline and getting to the ball. Reading the plays has been no problem."

Along with his trip to Nebraska he is currently in the process of setting up official visits to Georgia Tech and Miami (FL). We asked Colin when he feels he'll pull the trigger and commit to a school and he responded, "I'm going to take all of my visits and then I'm looking to commit as soon as possible. I'm not going to rush into it and make a decision and de-commit. I'm going to look through everything, find the pros and cons and make my decision."

With him and Bowens coming into Nebraska, though, the chance to make a commitment may seem somewhat more enticing. Colin feels that while having Bowens at Nebraska may or may not cinch his commitment, it would be an added bonus. "There's always a chance. If I go up there and I say, ‘Hey this is where I want to be', but as far as weighing other options, I don't want to rush into things. I'm more separate as far as my decision and my take on things, but if he committed, that would help me feel more comfortable if I decided to go there and knew someone on a personal level," said Colin.

McCarthy has really enjoyed the commitment process when it comes to speaking with his contact from Nebraska. "I think as far as since sophomore year, Coach (Phil) Elmassian's been talking to me and I keep in contact with him every week. We just talk about life, he doesn't always talk about football, he talks about the family and everything," McCarthy said.

After being brought up to speed about Nebraska's 40-15 loss to Kansas yesterday and asked about the win-loss record of any particular team he's looking at, Colin made it apparent that it's not a large factor, but rather he just wants to help his future team improve. "I'm hoping that wherever I go I can improve the team so if they have a winning record, I can help them improve it even more and if not, I can help them get there. I just hope wherever I go, I can help them to get better," he said.

We'll be keeping close tabs on Colin to see how he enjoyed his trip to Lincoln and see if it gives the Cornhuskers an edge in the coming months.

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