Both of Jones' teams in similar situations

It isn't often when you talk to Andre Jones and he is down. He knows the score though and knows what Fresno needs to get bowl eligible and knows that Nebraska needs another win to get bowl eligible. Fresno took a tough loss today and Jones spoke about it with Big Red Report.

Andre Jones is a very positive person. However, talking to him tonight you knew that something was wrong. That was when he went on to say that Fresno (Calif.) City College got beat, and pretty bad, by Reedley Junior College.

"Oh man, we got beat. Beat bad," Jones said. "We just couldn't do anything."

Jones now has his division one college plans done with his commitment to Nebraska and knows how they fared today too.

"Yeah, I saw that score. They need a win to get bowl eligible and so do we. Our last game this coming weekend is winnable."

Jones has a similar situation going that Rulon Davis has and that is coaches are still calling and despite telling them no he is still getting the phone calls and the pressure.

"Yeah, I am still getting phone calls every day. My voicemail is full right now. I need to clean that out."

Jones, a 6-foot and 195 pound defensive back, will be eligible to transfer to Nebraska at the end of the spring semester and will have three to play two at Nebraska.

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