Huskers waiting on setting up official

It's close. Not there yet, but close. Nick Posey is waiting on some things to happen to get an official set up with Nebraska, but would it even matter. He has already been away to school and now wants to stay closer to home and wants to stay in-state. Could a chance to play for the Big Red be enough?

Nick Posey and Monterrey (Calif.) Peninsula are in a very good position to make it to a bowl game this year. The 6-foot-7 and 285 pound offensive tackle is also looking at a rivalry game this weekend.

"Yeah, actually we are tied for second right now," Posey said. "The team that we have to play, Hartnell, is our rival and they have not lost in league play. If we beat them we go to a bowl game, or something. I don't know really how it works."

Beyond the gridiron though, school and recruiting as steady for Posey. He is in good shape to make a transfer this December to a four year institution and is seeing good correspondence with two schools from the Big XII.

"Oh yeah. School is going good. So far Kansas has been sending me letter after letter and so has Nebraska. It has pretty much dwindled down to that, but I haven't gone into my coach's office to check my mail in like three weeks. I've been concentrating on the season."

The last time that Big Red Report caught up with Posey there was a tape that needed to be sent to Nebraska. That tape made it to Nebraska, but there were some problems with it.

"No not yet. We are still working on a tape situation with Nebraska. I got them a couple of tapes and the offensive line coach called me from Nebraska and said all of the angles weren't all that great and he couldn't see the aspects he wanted to like my feet, how I was stepping and stuff like that. He wanted some film with those things on it and I am trying to get those out to him."

Posey was steadfast about wanting to stay close to home and didn't seem real anxious to leave California in the last update. Would an opportunity to come to Nebraska be enough for him to overlook the miles and distance away from home?

"Yeah if a big name like Nebraska is going to offer then I am not going to turn down a scholarship if they give it to me."

It seems like the recruiting with Nebraska and Posey are in the process somewhere. An offer has been extended, verbally, but in order for Nebraska to bring him in for an official visit there will be a need to see some better film.

"I am really just waiting on good film to Nebraska so I can set up an official visit date."

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