"Beast" still a hot commodity

It's tough to handle I am sure. To commit early and still get the calls. Now combine a down season with your commitment to a future team and it gives colleges and coaches ammo. Things are what they are to Johnson and he knows the game. He has made his decision and it seems like he is standing by it.

The first time that I heard about Brandon Johnson it was like a story about Bigfoot. A 6-foot-3, 305-pound defensive end/tackle that still runs a 4.8? C'mon. It exists at Compton (Calif.) Community College and it's terrorizing quarterbacks.

"I am up to nine sacks," Johnson said. "We have two games left. We have played eight games."

The stories began to swirl following a story that stated that Brandon Johnson might take some more visits. Maybe go visit Washington with a teammate, Ashley Palmer. Are they true?

"I am not taking any other official visits."

Now, it's not like Brandon doesn't have a chance to take another look around. It probably wouldn't be something that Nebraska would prefer, but the options are being presented to him by other schools.

"Yeah, it still rings a lot. They aren't taking no from an answer. There are a lot of schools calling. I don't even know where to start."

It's playing the recruiting game by the college coaches. Remember, Brandon Johnson has already gone through the process to a certain extent. He knows the score. While it is a distraction to have the phone ringing, he understands it and moves on.

"No, it isn't too bad. It is what it is. I know how it goes."

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