Husker commit comments on drama in Lincoln

For any receiver, the team of their future is of interest, even as they are finishing up their prep-career. Menelik Holt is doing just that, his team in a rhythm as they inch closer to the post-season. Of his future team, Holt has had almost as much interest, watching the ups and downs of the Huskers' season. Following a loss, though and one of a few in almost as many weeks, fans are always curious if commits are as strong as they once were.

For future Husker, Menelik Holt, he's got a lot on his plate right now. His team is moving towards the playoffs, St. Augustine high school one of the better teams in the region. Holt's had a significant part of that, but while he is expected to play just one position at Nebraska, he's played seemingly all of them in his last year as a prep.

"I play defensive end and wide receiver," Holt said. "But I have played a lot of other positions, too. They play me all over the field, either on offense or defense, so there's no telling just what I am going to be doing on a play."

That versatility is just some of what drew Nebraska to Holt. His 6 foot, 4 inch, 205 pound frame didn't hurt either. What Nebraska initially saw, though, is what has been drawing more and more schools from around the country to follow in the Huskers' footsteps.

"I'm up to 20 offers right now," Holt said. "I think the most recent ones have been Boston College, Cal and Oregon."

That's some serious attention he's getting, a couple of very noteworthy west coast teams, plus an up and coming B.C. team. As to why that attention has been coming like it has, Holt said that he'd like to think that he's gotten noticed, but he's also done a little on his own to make sure that if they didn't, it might be a mistake.

"I have been sending my tapes out to a lot of schools," he said. "I just sent one to Notre Dame. I can't say I am really looking, but when it's all said and done, I want to know that I have explored all of my options."

Husker fans are probably in the midst of a panic right now, but Holt said that there wasn't any need to fear. He is "100% Nebraska."

Even the recent woes of the team haven't give him pause and think about looking at another team that could possibly deliver faster results. Holt knows a little of why Nebraska is struggling right now. "Coach Callahan has been there two years, maybe gotten one real recruiting class and you can't expect success just from that," he said.

"I mean, how many of the players right now are those that came from classes he recruited?"

That's a good question and the count would be low, two freshman making what you could consider major impacts in Holt's former teammate Jordan Congdon along with defensive end Barry Turner. And you also have running back Cody Glenn, along with Marlon Lucky, who have both served some spot duty at running back, Lucky also serving a bigger role on special teams.

Other than that, there is less than a handful of Callahan's players, which is why Holt doesn't look at the Huskers' lack of success right now as an omen for the future. "You want to do what coach Callahan does offensively, it takes a specific kind of player," Menelik said. "That's going to take some time. I know they are good coaches, so time is all they need. When that happens, everyone will see what we can do."

While the recent weeks haven't fazed him, they have unsettled a Husker Nation, who's expectations are still that of a team that used to beat everyone and on a regular basis. Their discontent is high and even the empty rumors seem to gather steam.

Again, that means nothing to Holt, because he's excited for the future, but when it comes to all those rumors as long as he knows one man is there, Nebraska is the place he wants to be. "If coach Callahan were gone, I'd probably reconsider," he said. "He's a great coach and a great person and he's a big reason I want to go there."

"They just need all the right players. Once they have that, everyone will see what Nebraska can really do."

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