Huskers add another to this weekend's list

He's got size. He's got speed. Nebraska has targeted a big-back who comes from a familiar junior college. Nebraska dipped into Butler County (Kan.) Community College three times last year and is hoping to do so again this year. Can Nebraska earn a commitment from one of the top rated junior college running backs in the nation this weekend?

Mention the name Kenny Wilson and a lot of people are going to say that rings a bell, but many won't know where he is following a great prep career at Liberal (Kan.). He is now at Butler County (Kan.) Community College and is one of the most widely known running backs in the nation.

Wilson is getting ready to start taking official visits this coming weekend along with another player from Butler. Coach Tony Morrell was kind enough to take out some time to fill in Big Red Report on what is going on this weekend for his Grizzlies.

"I think that we have two out on officials this weekend," Coach Tony Morrell said. "Kenny Wilson is heading up to Nebraska and Sherrone Moore is going to Oklahoma."

Coach Morrell has had a chance to be around Wilson for a couple of seasons now. Last year Wilson rushed for about 900 yards and scored 13 times. This year through eight games he has over 1200 yards, 14 touchdowns and is averaging 11 yards per carry.

"He's a big-time player. He's great to work with everyday because he's got a tremendous attitude. He's got a great work ethic, very humble and is one of those guys that just loves to play football. Those are the guys that I like to coach."

When you look at Wilson on paper and on film one thing really stands out to you. You see a big-back who can run downhill. Coach Morrell said that it's the size and speed combination that makes Wilson such a tremendous running back.

"His size and speed combination. He's about 6-foot-1 and 215 pounds with 4.4 (second) speed."

Wilson is heading up to Lincoln this weekend and will not only have a chance to see Nebraska face Kansas State, but will most likely get a chance to meet a few former Grizzlies. Nebraska last year dipped into Butler to nab Zac Taylor, Frantz Hardy and Justin Tomerlin.

Recently though, there has been some doubt in the media about some situations in Lincoln surrounding the football team. Coach Morrell commented on what he believes Wilson's perception of Nebraska is, "I think that he feels good about Nebraska and the situation there."

As of right now Nebraska and Florida are the only two schools to secure visits with Wilson. A couple of other teams are coming into the picture and Coach Morrell believes that this is just the beginning for how popular Wilson will become.

"He has one set up with Florida. I think that it is December 16 or somewhere in there. Tennessee called here the other day and they are really interested in him. I think that there will be some more to start calling in."

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