Season ends, but recruiting heating up

It's going to become a question of where. When you want to go to school to play a particular position, it can consume you. There is a point where it can be looked over like if there is an opportunity elsewhere. There seems to be a need for players like this athlete from Texas to come in and play about anywhere.

Keith Toston and his team from Angleton (Texas) has had their season come to a close. Despite having a good year, they had a very tough district which had one unbeaten and one one-loss team finish in front of them.

"Our season is over," Toston said. "We finished up the year 7-3. We were just left out of the playoffs. There was a team that was undefeated and another team that only had one loss."

Despite the disappointment of missing the playoffs, Toston's year is nothing to feel bad about. He was effective at every position that he played and he played a lot of positions.

"I did well personally. I had about 1500 yards, averaged 11.3 yards per carry and had 26 touchdowns. I caught some passes too, but I don't have my receiving stats. I did returns, but they wouldn't kick the ball to me. I also played free safety. I did really well, but I am not sure how many total tackles that I had."

Toston is a little recruiting nugget that has been sort of quiet up until now. However, he is up to 14 offers and might have a couple of other schools still thinking about making that offer.

"I have offers from Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Missouri, Arkansas, UTEP, Tulsa, Iowa, Iowa State, Wisconsin, New Mexico State, Colorado, Arizona, LSU, and Nebraska offered me too. I am still talking to Texas A&M and Miami. They seem interested."

Although he is holding onto 14 offers he only knows of one official as of right now. The official hasn't been set up yet, but he made a promise to visit.

"No sir. I am getting ready to. I need to sit down and think about those. I'm just not sure. I will be visiting Oklahoma State for sure. I promised them."

Nebraska is one of the most recent teams to come in and offer Toston. "The coach from Nebraska came down here about two to three weeks ago. He got to see me. He said that he had heard of me. When he went back, that next Tuesday they offered."

Although Nebraska came in so late it won't matter. They just have to present the situations that Toston is looking for to get considered and earn an official visit from him. "I'm still considering that. I am going to look at the depth chart. I want to know what they are recruiting me as. I want to play running back in college. If I get there and there is an opportunity at another position then I'll change."

Toston will begin to evaluate schools for official visits soon. Before he can fully consider Nebraska though he will need to find out what position they are recruiting him for. "I really don't know. I need to call them."

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