"Man, it was so good it was a '10'!"

Nebraska came in a little late in the process for Russell Okung, but have done a masterful job of getting him to consider them so quickly in the process. They brought Okung in for an official visit on a great weekend to come see a game in Lincoln. What did he think about the visit?

It's always a little scary to think about what a recruit might think coming from a metropolitan area and visiting Lincoln, Nebr. Russell Okung admitted that he did think about it, but the 6-foot-5 and 260 pound tackle/tight end from Richmond (Texas) George Bush got some help on the topic.

"Man, it was great. It was crazy," Okung said. "I loved it."

"I did think about the size of the city a bit and things to do. Yeah, I did a bit. Coaches told me that I would be able to adapt. I spoke to Greg Austin and he told me that was something that you would just have to adjust to it."

While he was in Lincoln some big things stood out to Okung. Beyond the tangibles he also noted an attitude of the players. An attitude that he admits that he sees in himself.

"The tradition. They gave us a tour of the facilities and showed us what was to come. The coaches were mad cool. The players were really cool. You can tell so much that they want to win."

"They're trying to make it to a better bowl. They don't give up. They are going to go out and try and beat Colorado to make a better bowl."

Okung admitted that he just had a great time. He had a chance to meet up with a couple of the coaches and the players. He liked them all. "I did have a good time. I sat down with the coaches. They were real with me. I like Coach Randy Jordan. I like Coach Dennis Wagner. I like all of them guys."

Okung is a lineman that does have some opportunities to play tackle and tight end at the next level. Nebraska happens to need both. Which position are they recruiting him at and which position does he prefer?

"They told me that I have a chance to come in there and play both. They said that I could play tackle or at tight end. Either way it doesn't bother me. I am excited about having the chance to play tight end. I always wanted to play tight end. If they need me at tackle to help win games I'll do it. I am a team player."

The trip to Nebraska was the first official visit he has taken. He has three others that he would like to take. "No I haven't taken any others. I am going to go visit LSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State."

While Okung hasn't had a chance to really compare the visit to Nebraska to another school. However, based on the experience and seeing what he needed to see he gave it a fairly high score. "Man, it was so good it was a "10". They really know how to take care of you."

There isn't a chance right now that Okung will come to a decision soon. He is set on taking some other visits and going through the process. "I talked to Head Coach Bill Callahan about the rest of my process. I was real with him. I am going to take some other visits and then make a decision."

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