Jensen comments on official to Nebraska

There are few of the visitors that have been more visibly noticeable than Seth Jensen. He wears his emotion on his sleeve and when he is at Nebraska games you can tell he is having a great time. Throwing the bones. Shooting "Der' Viener Schlinger". Seth give Big Red Report on his visit and the scoop on another commit.

Seth Jensen has been to Nebraska a few times this year. The 6-foot-4 and 266 pound defensive end/tackle from Fort Morgan (Colo.) has seen some great games this year in Memorial Stadium.

"This was probably my fourth or fifth time up there," Jensen said. "It was a great game. Iowa State was a good game too, but it was hard to compare against that game. It was really good. I mean Jordan Congdon came through. That was probably the quietest I have heard that stadium, right before he kicked that ball."

One thing that Jensen has picked up nicely from his time in Lincoln has been his ability to "throw the bones". Get used to seeing him doing it the next four to five years Husker fans. "Yeah, I was throwing the bones. I did when I played in high school too."

The Huskers picked up on one commit that everyone was aware of, Kenny Wilson, before we spoke to Seth. That is when Seth informed us that there were actually two commits this weekend. The second, another from the state of Colorado.

"Kenny Wilson committed and so did Pierre Allen. He had a fun weekend. He really enjoyed himself. He is being looked at as a defensive end or tight end. They don't even really know. He's 6-foot-4 and 223 pounds. Kenny is funny. He is solid. Just ripped. He has a sense of humor."

Seth was down a bit in weight compared to where he was for the spring game. At the spring game he came in at about 280 pounds. A weight that you can probably look forward to him playing at unless Coach John Blake gets his way.

"I was 266 this weekend. They want me to eat a little more during basketball to keep up my weight. They don't want me to dip to 245 or 250. They want to get me up to 285 or 290. Coach Blake wants me to get up to 310! 310 for a defensive end! He said that they want me to turn into a rock and I just said whatever you want coach."

Seth is positive about the future of Nebraska football and is excited to be part of righting the ship. He noted the positive attitude of the players and the youth that was on the field to close out the game.

"This group of kids are going to get along really well, which is good. We are going to come in and change that program around. Everyone has a great attitude there. We had two freshman tackles, a freshman quarterback, freshman tight end, freshman running back and they did that good. It's a reflection on how our seasons are going to be."

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