"Yes, he did commit."

There are some kids that just don't like the spotlight, don't like the attention. In that group it is very likely that you will find Pierre Allen. Pierre has had success on the gridiron and on the hardwood, but he won't brag about it. He probably won't even bring it up. It's that humble quality that Nebraska has liked to go along with a 6-foot-6 and almost 230 pound frame.

Pierre Allen has been terrorizing teams for Denver (Colo.) Thomas Jefferson for almost three years. He has had all sorts of success coming off of the edge, but there is talk about where he might find himself playing in college.

"He plays defensive end," Coach Turnbull said. "He has played defensive end for us for three years. He has tremendous speed and can run to the ball and such. He is a tremendous player coming off of the edge."

"That was where he played for us but there is some dialogue about him going to wide receiver or even playing tight end."

Allen is tall and athletic. What may be the biggest quality is just him being an athlete above it all. He is one of the top basketball players in the state to go with his football ability.

"He's 6-foot-6 and about 230. Just a hair under 230. He's a basketball player and has sort of a basketball body right now. He has the ability to put weight on pretty significantly. He's a 4.8 to a 4.75 guy."

Allen really saw all of his time on defense this year, but that wasn't because his coaches didn't want to get him on offense. An early knee injury really limited the number of snaps and time he was going to see on the field, but Coach Turnball got the most out of him when he was on the field.

"He had a MCL, it wasn't a tear it was just a sprain, so we just kept him defensively this past season since he had that injury. We had him in a 5-technique this year away from the tight end. He was very effective."

While Big Red Report did report that Pierre committed through another Husker commit, Seth Jensen, it has never actually been confirmed. Coach Turnball was able to answer that question though. "Yes he did commit. He is a very happy young man right now."

Allen chose Nebraska over a host of other offers and possibly some chances to play college basketball as well. "He has had a number of offers. Colorado State, Syracuse, Northern Colorado, Colorado was wavering, and Wyoming was interested but he didn't go to team camp and that hurt his chances to get an offer. He was still involved in basketball at that time last summer."

"I can't speak to that (basketball offers) because I don't know that actually. I was never made aware that he had any offers anywhere, but I don't know that because I don't have that kind of communication with the basketball staff."

Coach Turnball had this to say if he were giving advice to opposing offensive coordinators, "You better block him." "You better block him because he is going to be in your grill. And you know to me, he is the most humble kid. He is a very down to Earth, both feet on the ground type of kid. He is not the type of kid that is going to tell you anything about himself, but he will come get you."

This is not the first Thomas Jefferson graduate to come to play football at Nebraska. In fact, Nebraska has a very famous Thomas Jefferson alum on their team right now.

"I did coach Cory Ross. My fiancée and I had lunch with Cory last December. Having known Cory for a very long time I have never seen him that happy, that content, and that comfortable in that environment. We are hoping that he goes to the league, but even if he doesn't he plans on living his personal life in Lincoln because he felt like the environment there was so nice, caring and receptive. He is truly a Husker now for life."

When it came to making the decision to choose Nebraska, Coach Turnball had the time to sit down and talk with Pierre about his decision earlier today. "The way he was treated. The way the Nebraska staff, the Nebraska people; my fiancée is a Nebraska native and I am a Colorado grad, so obviously my loyalty is to Colorado, but it was such a unique, family thing to him. He just felt like they wanted him. It was, 'Hey, these people want me. They care about me. I am not messing around with this anymore. I know that Cory was going to have the trump in that hand. You knew that he was going to have an effect."

"Coach Gilmore did a great job. He was very professional, very on task and very on point. Ted is a very professional individual and that helped. Ted was very good with making him feel comfortable. He did an outstanding job with the recruiting process."

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