McCarthy reflects on visit to Nebraska

Nebraska was only able to reel in one commitment this weekend, but again they made up a lot of ground with some recruits. One of those recruits was Colin McCarthy. Coming from Florida he didn't know what to expect when he got to Lincoln. However, what he found really exceeded his expectations and that is enough reason for him to close the door on any school.

Nebraska dipped into Clearwater, Flor. last year to pull out Harrison Beck. This year they are across town at Clearwater (Flor.) Central Catholic trying to lure Colin McCarthy to the Midwest. Unlike Cruz Barrett, McCarthy did not get in early in the morning on Sunday after his trip to Lincoln, Nebr.

"I ended up getting back on Monday," McCarthy said. "I want to say that I left there around 11:30 and didn't get back until about 7:30 that night."

"I thought it was real nice out there. It was a lot more than I was anticipating from Nebraska. I was just expecting the coaches to be cool, but after meeting with them and talking with them I felt really comfortable around them and talking to them."

When it came to things that stood out to Colin he really had a lot to say about the people of Nebraska and the coaches. He was able to spend a lot of time with who might be his position coach in college, Kevin Cosgrove, and also got the gameday experience at Nebraska.

"As far as position coach wise, I went over to Coach Kevin Cosgrove's house. I got a chance to hang out with him where he lives. It was a comfort to me knowing that was there for me. That was kind of nice."

"As far as gameday, I figured it was going to be loud with the fans and everything. With the way that they game was and the student section; it was nuts."

McCarthy got a chance to run into a player at Nebraska who knows something about Clearwater, Flor. "Oh yeah, Harrison Beck. I got a chance to hang out with him at dinner with the coaches. We had dinner and he came with us and my host. My host was Lance Brandenburgh. Harrison spoke to me about what it was like coming out to Nebraska and being away from home. He said that once you get here and you hang out with the players, the coaches and the students they make you feel real comfortable and it isn't that big of a change."

A familiar story among recruits is always an experience with the fans. The fans greeted McCarthy is a very unique way. "A couple of the fans came up to me and one of the fans had a little shirt made up that had Nebraska on it and had my name on it. It was a little different when it came to them saying 'Hey Colin, come to Nebraska. We need you!'. The support as far as the fans will always be there."

When it comes to coming from Florida, McCarthy still found Lincoln to be comfortable. That may have a lot to do with where he lived before he came to Florida. "It was comfortable. Growing up in Pennsylvania it kind of reminded me of that. Just the lay out of the campus and stuff. It was nice."

Besides Nebraska, McCarthy has been on two other official visits. "I have been to Ohio State and Indiana. Ohio State and Nebraska were very similar. Academics wise they are both top-notch programs. As far as athletics and winning traditions they both have big time programs. Both coaches I got along with. It is going to be a difficult decision between those two schools.

"The Indiana trip didn't go as well as the Nebraska trip or the Ohio State trip. The Ohio State and Nebraska visits were very similar. I can't think of anything off of the top of my head for differences. As far as the Nebraska trip I got a chance to hang out with the coaches a lot more. I got a chance to get a feel for the expectations for me if I came to Nebraska. I was there for two days and was with most of the coaches for most of that time."

"I would rate the visit to Indiana about a '7' or an '8'. The trip to Ohio State was about a '9' or a '9.5'. The trip to Nebraska was about a '9.5' or '10'. It was really nice up there. When I got there I wasn't expecting what I saw and when I left it left a good impression on me."

Central Catholic is still rolling in the playoffs, but McCarthy is thinking about heading south this weekend to see Miami take on Georgia Tech for an unofficial. He is also looking to get in his other two visits before coming to a decision. "I think that I am going to finish up with the two schools that I have left which is Miami and Georgia Tech. Those are my last two. After that I should have a better idea. I don't want to rule either one of those two schools out as visits because my expectations of the visit to Nebraska weren't what they were going in and then leaving."

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