Huskers target junior college lineman

Talent is still turning up in the junior college ranks. A little known offensive lineman from California has quietly had a solid year on a team that only went 1-9. Talent can be spotted though and Nebraska has stepped up and offered the big offensive tackle.

The name is Aaron Mason and before tonight you couldn't find him. Not in a database. Not on an online roster on the Santa Monica (Calif.) College. It seems that these college coaches are still a step ahead of the recruiting gurus.

The beautiful thing about recruiting a player, and more importantly an offensive lineman, from Santa Monica College is the balance in their offense. You don't want a player who has done too much of one thing and not enough of the other. Head Coach Robert Taylor broke down the offense at Santa Monica.

"We run the West Coast Offense," Head Coach Robert Taylor said. "It's about a 60/40 run oriented offense."

You can spot Aaron in a crowd. The offensive tackle is a big man, but was bigger. From all indications during the conversation with Coach Taylor, Mason's best playing days are still ahead of him.

"Aaron right now is 6-foot-6 and about 265 pounds. He was bigger in the spring, but lost some during the season. He could probably carry 290 pounds."

"He's an offensive tackle. He plays backside tackle. He's a great player. He's already been offered by Nebraska and possibly by Wyoming and Washington."

Mason didn't go too far to attend junior college. Initially he wasn't qualified to enroll in a division one school, but he is on track to graduate from Santa Monica in two and a half years.

"He came here from Santa Monica (Calif.) High School. He was a non-qualifier out of high school and will have three to play two years. He graduates at semester."

Beyond having the size and playing in a balanced offense, Mason has the blue-collar type of style that you prefer in a player. He gives effort all the time and gets the job done.

"He has a great work ethic. He just kills his block. His forte is in his pass blocking. He just does not give up sacks. I can't recall if he gave up one all year."

While Coach Taylor was unsure about the specific dates he did know that Mason had two visits set up. "He has an official visit to Nebraska coming up and to Wyoming. Both visits are sometime at the end of the month."

Nebraska was the first to offer Mason and some might think that he could be a Husker by default. However, Mason is becoming increasingly popular. Nebraska hasn't thought that he is theirs by default anyway and is giving good pursuit to the big lineman with consistent communication.

"Coach Wagner, from Nebraska, was just on campus the other day."

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