Huskers offer Colorado lineman

It's doubtful you will confuse Buena Vista, Colorado's Nate Solderfor most linebackers you see. He is one, though and standing 6 foot, 8 inches tall, he's perhaps the tallest one in the country. That's not where the recruiting interest lies, of course, but it speaks to his versatility as this TE/OT prospect sees himself as someone that can do it all.

When you are just four inches shy of seven feet tall, people probably don't think football is your cup of tea. Nowadays, that's not all that uncommon. It is at linebacker, though, and Nate Solder, despite his height or in this case, because of it, finds himself anchoring the middle of the field in the 4-3.

According to Nate, it was his coaches' idea, because they knew that putting Solder on one side or the other could make it a little too easy for offenses to figure out just what was going to work. "He figured they would just all run away from me," Nate said of his coaches' mind-set when deciding to move him to middle linebacker. "He put me there so I can be on either side if I am needed."

Nate does find himself doing something a little up more up his alley, playing the tight end position for his Beuna Vista high school team. You'd think someone of his size would be the first, second and third target for the quarterback, but Solder's misfortune in touches comes due to the fact that his team is loaded everywhere else. "We have a great offense, three great wide receivers, a great quarterback – really everything," Nate said of his team, who heads into the semi-finals of the playoffs this weekend. "I don't get a lot of touches, but they know I am there if needed."

Ranked second in the state going into the playoffs, his team has been a well oiled machine. For a player that could be a difference maker, Solder is happy playing the role he has right now.

When it comes to the future, though, Solder does see himself becoming a little bit more of an impact guy, but the dilemma is; what position will it be.

"I am being recruited for both tight end and offensive tackle," Nate said. "I'd like to try tight end first, because I think I can play it at the next level. If that doesn't work out, I'll give tackle a try."

You instantly think of Robert Gallery, the Outland Trophy-winning lineman from Iowa, who came to the Hawkeyes as a tight end much like Solder. His frame, his hands and feet, and his obvious athleticism all make him ideal to be another Gallery-type. Of course, Nate is hoping that he's more the Greg Olsen-type instead.

Thus far it looks like he's got those opportunities ahead of him, Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming, Iowa State and Nebraska, all saying that he can play whatever he can do best.

That's not good enough for Solder, though.

Having a brother (John) on scholarship at Stanford, academics stands supreme in Nate's mind as one of his main criteria as to just what he's looking for in a school. Considering the fact that he's looking at the biological sciences as a probable major, he's going to be picky to say the least. That's where the visits come in and for him, as it is with any recruit, this is where you see for yourself what a program is all about.

"I like the visits, because you get by all the hype around a program," Nate said. "There's a lot of that and I just like to get there, see what it's like for myself, get to know the coaches and evaluate the situation and see how it fits me."

Nate has already been to Wyoming officially. He's visiting Iowa State December 9th and plans to make a weekend visit to see the University of Colorado. As to the rest on his list, while Colorado State could find themselves with a visit, the late-comer to the group might be on the outside looking in. "I don't know that I am all that interested in them," Solder said of the Huskers. "I am really flattered by the offer, but I'm just not sure about them right now."

Nate is giving himself the time to think and re-think, though, so Nebraska could find their way onto his list at some point. At this point, there's still football to be played and recruiting is going to be there for him to look at and RE look at once more.

Right now, he's just taking it all in. "There's a lot of time to figure out everything as far as what I want to do," he said. "I'm just going to do my research, study what each program has to offer and take things from there."

"I'm not in a hurry at all, so this will all develop and who knows what could happen between now and then. I am being very open minded about everything right now."

Solder has a 3.9 GPA and is also a basketball recruit, but said that his preference is towards football for a potential future in division 1-A.

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