Florida DT still planning official to Lincoln

Charles Deas was supposed to be visiting Nebraska. Actually, a couple of times. That hasn't happened as of yet. We caught up with Deas to talk about what his visit situation was like, where Nebraska stood amongst the potential places to visit, along with asking about his favorite teams, if any. Charles gave us the lowdown on just what's going on with him.

Most kids, if they miss their senior year of playing, that means their name drops off the map into obscurity. Not so for defensive tackle Charles Deas. He's still coveted from coast to coast.

The reason he hasn't been playing, simply to reiterate what you probably already know, his mom held him out, because she saw school being a lot more necessary than what he was doing on the field.

As you would expect, mom was right and Deas said that his report card reflects her dedication to him and his dedication to making sure his grades were better this time around. "I got like one C, a couple of Bs, and the rest As," Deas said. And when I asked him to compare this year's report card to last year's, Deas didn't really need to. "Oh, it's way better than last year, way better," he said.

With the grades getting back to where they are supposed to be, Deas has been looking a little more at recruiting, having had shift some visits around to accommodate the dedication to academics.

The schools he plans on visiting haven't changed, though. Deas said that the main three he was looking at before are the same three he is looking at now. "It's Nebraska, Georgia and LSU," Charles said. "I haven't scheduled any visits yet, but I am going to. I just don't know when."

Deas isn't in any hurry as you can probably figure out. He's not sure when the visits will take place or even what month he'd like them to be. So, he's not certain on a decision either. And there are no favorites amongst the trio, though, Deas said that he's had a good relationship with the coaches he's talked to from those schools.

Wait and see would be the philosophy right now for those interested in just what this 6 foot, 4 inch, 330 pound lineman will do. That's his philosophy as well. "I don't know how it's all going to play out," he said. "I am just seeing how things go right now."

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