Johnson refutes taking other official visits

Hearts go to full-blown cardiac arrest when you hear about a commitment going soft, taking other visits, or fully decommitting. Nebraska had a huge junior college weekend which saw them pick up some vital pieces to the puzzle for next year. The rumor has been that Brandon Johnson could be taking some more trips, are they true?

It's tough to be on top of everything at all times. Brandon Johnson has been spending time with friends and family since Sunday on the east coast and couldn't believe that a rumor like him taking official visits could get legs now.

"No, I am not even in California," Johnson said. "I am in North Carolina visiting with my family for Thanksgiving. I am not taking any officials. The next time I leave California in December I will be going to Illinois to go home."

The fact of the matter is that two of Compton (Calif.) Community College's players will be taking officials to Washington on December 3, but out of that pair neither one of them will be Johnson. "Ashley Palmer and Anthony Atkins are taking officials. They wanted me to come down there, but I haven't even talked to Washington."

Palmer will be a busy man with the two teams in question as well. He is set to visit Washington one weekend and then turn around and take a look at the school that Brandon and former Compton stand-out, Ola Dagundero, will be at next year. "Ashley is coming to Nebraska on December 10. I think that the chances are pretty high that he will go to Nebraska. He wants to keep playing with me."

Johnson's season came to a close at Compton. While it seems a bit crazy to hear that there is a 6-foot-3 and 305 pound defensive end/tackle that runs a 4.8 then wait until you hear about the stats that he put together this year.

"I finally got all my stats together. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. I had 79 tackles, 10 sacks, one forced fumble and a fumble recovery. We only played 10 games. The last games against Santa Monica I had nine tackles."

Johnson faced off in the last game of the year against another junior college player that Nebraska is looking at, Aaron Mason. "I went against him. He said something to me about how he was going to go to Nebraska. He's a good player. He'll be a good player. I'm going to talk mad to him if he go to Nebraska though."

Johnson's season was spectacular. He has already earned at least one honor that he knows of and is waiting on another. "I made first team all-conference and I am up for all-state honors."

It seems that the last three times that Big Red Report had to talk to Brandon it was about him taking other officials. He said it doesn't bother him and let us all in on something that he told to the coaches at Nebraska.

"It's cool, Bryan. I'll talk to you anytime and I'll keep it real with you. Like I told Coach John Blake and Coach Bill Callahan 'I am coming to Nebraska'. There isn't anything to worry about."

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