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Bill Callahan's list of officials is shrinking
Steve Ryan of BigRedReport.com, Dec 23, 2005
With an estimated six official visits remaining for the Nebraska staff, the players brought in for those visits are going to have to be the cream of the crop for the coaches. You include recent de-commits, there's a premium on not getting just good players, but players you feel darn good about getting. That's what looms on the horizon as the calendar turns and some of those official visits are starting to take shape.   Full Story

Steve Ryan of BigRedReport.com, Dec 22, 2005
You know nobody feels worse about Stewart Bradley going down five games into the season than Bradley himself. The linebacking corps, initially looked at as lethal, started off ominously, losing Steve Octavien in the first quarter of the first game of the year. Depleted but not thwarted the group of linebackers moved on and have moved on ever since. Even without some of its stars, someone always manages to step up. Enjoy this audio Q&A with linebacker Stewart Bradley.    Full Story
Stewart Bradley
Stewart Bradley still into the season

Bryan Munson of BigRedReport.com, Dec 20, 2005
I can't tell you how surprised I was to receive the information that Josh Freeman was decommitting last night. Not Josh Freeman! Not, I am 99.8764% committed to Nebraska despite taking in-home visits with Kansas State. He may not have ever said he wasn't committed to Nebraska, but you didn't have the warm and fuzzy that he was a firm commitment either.   Full Story
Josh Freeman

Steve Ryan of BigRedReport.com, Dec 20, 2005
Believe it or not, there was a question as to whether or not it would be Corey McKeon starting at middle this year. Lance Brandenburgh was doing anything and everything he could to make sure that his name was mentioned just as much as the current starter, when talking about who should take that spot. Inuries took the opportunity away, however, leaving Brandenburgh healing instead of fighting for that top spot.    Full Story
Lance Brandenburgh
Lance Brandenburgh

Steve Ryan of BigRedReport.com, Dec 20, 2005
First it was Steve Octavien. Then it was Stewart Bradley. Now it's Bo Ruud. Redshirt sophomore middle linebacker Corey McKeon must feel like he is either cursed or blessed. As it is, McKeon, Adam Ickes and now Lance Brandenburgh will be taking the field for the Huskers against Michigan. As McKeon said, though, that's just football and he's ready to play as if it's that day is the same as any other. Enjoy this post practice audio with Corey McKeon.    Full Story
Corey McKeon

Steve Ryan of BigRedReport.com, Dec 20, 2005
You try losing your three starting linebackers and we'll see how you do. That's what defensive coordinator and linebacker's coach Kevin Cosgrove has had to deal with. Fortunately for him, he's got at least some guys backing others up that were fighting for starting spots before the beginning of the year. Now, they get their shot at seeing what they can do and they will do it against Michigan. Enjoy this post practice audio with Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove.    Full Story
Kevin Cosgrove
Kevin Cosgrove

Bryan Munson of BigRedReport.com, Dec 19, 2005
What a year it's been sports fans. The roller coaster that was the Nebraska football season will officially close in San Antonio. The Huskers will be coming off of what is arguably their biggest win of the year going to face their toughest opponent. What we will do now though is think about the year that was and the year that will be in this edition of the Offensive Post-Season Awards.   Full Story
Bill Callahan on the mic during the Maine game
Big Red Report Post-Season Awards

Steve Ryan of BigRedReport.com, Dec 17, 2005
Preparations continue for the 2005 Alamo Bowl. With that comes players jockeying for positions and trying to keep the ones they have. Following this practice, though, amidst the talk of who is starting and who isn't, head coach Bill Callahan said that two players wouldn't even be playing, due to a violation of team rules. Check that out with all the rest as we give you post practice audio with Bill Callahan.    Full Story
Bill Callahan
Bill Callahan

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