Husker Commit taking Official Visit

Nebraska has 12 commits right now and much of the hub-bub around this time of the season, especially with Nebraska's less than stellar record, is if anyone is reconsidering. Much of that recent hoopla has been dispelled. However, another name will come up, a commit that is taking another official visit. Someone close to the situation let us know if it was something anyone needed to worry about or not.

There's no question that Nebraska needs all the stellar players they can get. At various positions, either depth is a concern or simply the lack of playmakers at those positions exist.

Current Husker commit Michael McNeil was a much-needed shot in the arm to the tight end position, with Matt Herian still on the mend and the current crop serving mostly a possession role or simply that of another blocker.

McNeil follows Herian more closely in his ability than he does the others that are currently on Nebraska's team, sporting good height (6-foot-4), while running a pretty respectable (4.6) 40.

So, it would probably pain Husker fans to know that McNeil is now officially visiting a school that has continually recruited the Missouri prep standout since before his commit and since. His mother said in fairly certain terms, though, that Husker fans need not worry.

He's not going anywhere.

"He's just going there to see Nebraska play and he's going with a friend," she said. "Colorado is still recruiting him, but I don't see Michael changing his mind about Nebraska."

Taking the visit was an obvious concern, simply because that she knew the publicity the visit itself would make. Point of fact, when I asked her to confirm his visit, she replied simply: "Now, how did I know you were going to ask about that?".

News travels fast, so she said that Michael made sure that the people that needed to know, were informed of his impending trip to see the game. "He talked to coach Cosgrove last night," she said of McNeil talking to Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove. "He just told him about the visit, but he certainly didn't de-commit."

Michael's mother went on to say that Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan would be coming to their town on Monday for an in-home visit, so whatever rumors might have started from this, she's hopeful that this would dispel them before they ever gain any steam.

What she does hope gains steam is Michael's team, because even though they lost in the playoffs and their post-season hopes are done, arguably one of the most important occasions still remains:

Turkey Day

The annual face off between McNeil's Kirkwood Pioneers and the Webster Groves Statesmen, a rivalry spanning over 90 years, making it one of the longest standing prep-rivalries in the country and according to McNeil's mother, THE longest west of the Mississippi River. Currently, W.G. owns a slight edge in the series with a record of 45-39-6 overall.

That's big, even bigger than the game coming up the day after and most definitely bigger than any conjecture about whether McNeil is deciding on attending someplace else. This game is serious, while the potential rumor is not. One has substance, while the other does not.

Happy Thanksgiving Huskers.

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